Diseased jadinko
Diseased jadinko
Release date 24 November 2010 (Update)
Hunter level 78
Experience 580.5
Location Herblore Habitat
Trap Noose wand
Preferred bait None
Retaliation No
Loot Corrupt vine, seeds (see article)
Examine A strange plant creature that looks unhealthy.
Diseased jadinko icon

The diseased jadinko is a creature that can be tracked in Herblore Habitat. Hunting it requires 78 Hunter and a noose wand (in tool belt or inventory). When caught, it gives 580.5 Hunter experience, a corrupt vine used in the making of juju hunter potions, and a chance at some seeds. Catching the jadinko can be failed on attacking the bush.

The required environment to attract a diseased jadinko is a boneyard, a banana tree (for which the farmer payment is four baskets of apples), and an empty bush patch in the habitat. As with every other plant requirement in Herblore Habitat, the correct combination will take effect as soon as it is planted/built. It is not necessary to wait for the banana tree to grow. However, if the tree gets diseased or dies, diseased jadinkos cannot be caught.

Start by searching either of the two burrows, tracks will appear and lead to nowhere. There are a number of jungle plants to inspect within the area. Depending on the hole the tracks come from will depend on type of jungle plant you need to inspect. For tracks coming from the northern burrow or the western hole Inspect the curly jungle plant - and the tracks will extend to towards a bush. If the tracks DO NOT lead to a bush, again look for and inspect a curly jungle plant, the tracks should lead to a bush that you should search and if you locate something, attack the bush. If the tracks come from the north western hole, you will need to search a leafy jungle plant in the location the tracks end. Again, follow the tracks go nowhere and search another leafy jungle plant. Search and then attack the jungle bush the tracks lead to.

If tracks lead to one of the holes, more Jadinko tracks will always appear from one of the other two holes.

The south-eastern burrow gives at least 2 possible tracks, but the north-eastern burrow always gives the same track, as follows:

  1. Inspect north-eastern burrow
  2. Inspect the jungle plant, just south from the tree that is south of the burrow
  3. Go to and inspect the south-western hole
  4. Go to and inspect the small jungle plant just south of Jungle Tree in the middle of the area that is the only one that can be chopped down
  5. The tracks will lead to the north bush that is located directly south of the Climbable vine; attack it.
  6. Repeat.

Seed drop percentages
Seed Percent


Flower seeds
Red blossom seed 5 Red blossom


Green blossom seed 5 Green blossom


Blue blossom seed 5 Blue blossom


Herb seeds
Erzille seed 5 Erzille


Argway seed 5 Argway


Ugune seed 5 Ugune


Shengo seed 5 Shengo


Samaden seed 5 Samaden


Bush seeds
Lergberry seed 5 Lergberry


Kalferberry seed 5 Kalferberry


Tree seeds
Apple tree seed 5 Apple


Orange tree seed 5 Orange


Banana tree seed 5 Banana


Harvest Heaven
Not dropped
Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 15,099 drops. Please add to the log!
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