Disruption Shield
Disruption Shield icon
Release date 4 April 2011 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 90
Spellbook Lunar
Type Combat
Experience 97
Runes 3Blood rune3Astral rune10Body rune
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
Disruption Shield
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Disruption Shield is a Lunar spell that nullifies the next melee, magic, ranged, or soft typeless hit that the player receives. It was released with the original Livid Farm update and costs 290,000 Produce points to unlock. This spell can be used inside the Duel Arena.


When struck, the player protected by Disruption Shield receives a message saying their Disruption shield has blocked damage, likewise, the attacker also receives a message saying their target's Disruption Shield has blocked damage. Disruption shield takes priority over Vengeance and Resonance. It also takes priority over the ability Devotion and perk Enhanced Devoted, which means Disruption Shield is wasted on a hit that does 1 damage.

Disruption Shield has a 1 minute cooldown between casts. If the player casts Disruption Shield, waits one minute, enters combat and receives an attack that consumes the shield, they are able to cast Disruption Shield again immediately.

If a player with Soul Split active attacks another player who has Disruption Shield active, the attacking player will be healed according to whatever they would have hit were the victim not protected.

Disruption Shield does not block damage from recoils, such as Vengeance, nor does it stop binds (but it will block the damage received from a bind).

It does not block hard typeless damage attacks, such as Nex's ice prison. Typeless hits that the player can reduce with defensive abilities, such as Nomad's Soul Blast, can be blocked with Disruption Shield.

It will not stop a Teleport block spell from working if it connects, though the damage will be blocked, and the Shield's user will not receive a message informing them that they are unable to teleport until an attempt is made.

Unlike Vengeance, Disruption Shield stays active between logging in and out and the player cannot cast it again if it is still active.


10Body rune3Astral rune3Blood rune3,759


  • This spell originally cost 720,700 produce points, then 576,560 points, and now 290,000 points.
  • Before the 1 December 2014 update, the spell could only negate attacks in PvP.
  • Before the Evolution of Combat update, it blocked all the hits in a certain amount of ticks, which allowed it to completely negate a special attack like the Dragon claw's. Now it blocks only one hitsplat.
  • After the 1 December 2014 update, disruption shield could be used on any spellbook despite it being on a lunar spellbook. This was fixed with the release of Seren spells and prayers on the 24 August 2015 update.
  • At one time, a player entering a duel with Disruption shield cast prior would not be able to cast it again during the duel, and it would still be active afterwards (even if they've taken damage). This was fixed, and the spell can now be used.
  • When originally released, this was the second to the last spell to be unlocked.
  • The global cooldown of Disruption Shield could be avoided by keybinding it to your actionbar. After an update on 26 March 2018, the global cooldown was removed entirely.
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