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Also known as Div
Release date 20 August 2013 (Update)
Members only Yes
Minimum level
for Hiscores
as of 12 Dec 2017
Players with
as of 16 Aug 2018
Players with 120 3,118
as of 27 Jan 2020
Players with
200M XP
as of 27 Jan 2020

Divination is a gathering and manufacturing skill that was developed by humans shortly after the beginning of the Sixth Age. It involves gathering Guthix's residual life-force, which is leaking throughout Gielinor. To do this, the players gather divine energy from wisps and then use this energy to make items such as portents, signs, and divine locations.

The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 506,313) on the hiscores for Divination is level 15. As of 16 August 2018, there are 96,752 current members that have achieved level 99 in Divination. There are 3,118 current members that have achieved level 120 in Divination.

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Level-up jingle (1-49)
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Level-up jingle (50-99)


Orla's camp.

In the Year 169 of the Fifth Age, the Assassination of Guthix took place. In Year 1 of the Sixth Age this has resulted in the manifestation of wisps and the appearance of craters throughout Gielinor. As researched by May Stormbrewer, the wisps are a fusion of memories and divine energy. The memories are remnants of Guthix's life force, which hold his residual power within them, and were expelled from Guthix after his death and thus spread throughout the world.

Divine energy is the result of the Edicts of Guthix, which were believed to be a physical barrier around the world which prevented the Gods from entering Gielinor. Upon Guthix's death however this barrier shattered and fell down to the surface. It is believed that the power of the shield is held within the divine energy. Divine energy and memories combined together and formed wisps.

Guthix's death also caused the various craters to open around Gielinor. It is highly speculated that the death of Guthix has damaged the world and that damage has manifested itself as the craters. It is probable that Guthix's death has rendered a great imbalance within Gielinor, and so the life force of the world (Anima Mundi) is now "bleeding" due to this imbalance. The wisps gather around these craters as they are attracted to this life force, because this is one of the powers that Guthix used to become so powerful. This same force, now saturates the wisps as his memories.

Those who study Divination west of the Lumbridge Crater, as well as many adventurers, are trying to return the memories to the various craters as it seems that giving Guthix's life force back to Gielinor, heals it to some extent, although it is unknown whether this ritual will be able to fully restore the Anima Mundi.

It is unknown at the moment if the world can be repaired without Guthix. It has been speculated that the life force of Gielinor may merely continue to leak from the craters, resulting in further degradation of the world. The consequences of such damage are unknown, but likely catastrophic.

Getting started

A wisp

A spring

To learn about the Divination skill and to begin training, players can talk to Orla Fairweather in the Divination Camp south of the Draynor jail. She will say that there are many wisps located around Gielinor from which the player can gather memories. The player may then convert the memories into experience or energy to create products, such as signs or portents.


To harvest energy, a player must first activate a wisp. This is done simply by choosing the "harvest" option (left-click the wisp), at which point it will turn into the corresponding spring and the player will begin harvesting memories of the same tier for minimal experience. Every harvest provides the player a number of energy of the spring's type, depending on the player's level, and a good but not 100% chance of harvesting that type of memory. There is also a small chance that the player will harvest an enriched memory which provides double the normal experience.

The spring will persist for between 3 and 45 seconds, regardless of how many people are drawing from it. However, increasing the amount of people harvesting from the spring (up to five) will increase its average duration. For the first third of its time it will have a tall purple cone of light running through the centre, for the second a small purple cone, and for the last it will be entirely absent. In this manner, the duration of the spring can be estimated.

In locations where the wisps have become spread out and distant from each other and the Energy Rift, the use of Escape or Surge can shorten movement between them.

Divine energy

Main article: Divine energy

The number of energies gained when harvesting a spring changes based on level. Energy is harvested from springs regardless of whether the player successfully gets a memory. From levels 1 to 54, the player will only harvest 1 energy at a time. At levels 55 through 74, this is increased to 2 energies per harvest. At levels 75 and beyond, the player will gain 3 energies every harvest.

Chronicle fragments

Main article: Chronicle fragments

Around once per minute, each player has a chance that a chronicle fragment will spawn when collecting from wisps, with approximately a 1 in 25 chance. When a Chronicle fragment spawns, it is temporarily instanced so that only the player for whom it spawned may see it. After a short while, other players will be able to catch it. Catching a Chronicle fragment earns the player Hunter experience. Catching 10 of these will grant additional divination experience when given to May Stormbrewer, more if offered at Guthix's shrine. Up to 30 of these can be held by the player at one time, although it is recommended that players hand them in after obtaining 10, as the spawn rate will be reduced. The 10 fragments do not need to be in the player's inventory to turn in to May.

Note: The Chronicle Fragment spawn rate described here was the rate at the release of the skill; updates have since greatly reduced their appearance.

Enriched memories

There is a chance when harvesting from regular springs that any memory received may be an enriched one. These give double the experience on harvesting and on conversion. The higher your Divination level the more chance you have of harvesting an enriched memory. While harvesting enriched memories, if your inventory becomes full, continuing to harvest will turn regular memories of the same type into enriched memories.

In addition to regular wisps are the rare enriched wisps that spawn every 20 minutes (on the hour, 20 minutes past and 40 minutes past; due to server lag, they usually appear up to a minute later). These activate into enriched springs which always give double the experience on harvesting energy compared to regular springs, and guarantee that whenever a memory is harvested it will be an enriched one. In addition, any of the first four people to start harvesting from it who have at least one normal (not enriched) memory of the same type in their inventory will have one converted into an enriched memory. This makes the enriched pool last a little bit longer. If this happens, the player will get a message in their chatbox (does not appear if game messages are filtered).


Memory conversion.png

The memories (both standard and enriched) are to be deposited in the energy rifts nearby. There are 3 options with depositing at the rift:

  • Memories to Energy
    • Converts each memory into 2 to 5 energy; and enriched memories into twice the amount.
    • This option produces the most resources but grants only 1 XP per conversion, the slowest rate.
  • Memories to Experience
    • Converts each memory into experience. Standard memories will be deposited before enriched memories.
  • Memories and Energy to Experience
    • Converts energy and memories into experience at a higher rate. Each standard memory will use up 5 energy, and each enriched memory will use up 10 energy. The result is a higher rate of experience at a greater cost. Enriched memories in your inventory will be deposited first automatically, followed by standard memories. You will automatically continue to convert memories for the normal experience rate when you run out of energy.
    • This option provides a faster experience rate at the cost of resources.
    • It should be noted that the experience per energy is fixed for each tier. For example, converting 5 energies and a flickering memory yields 1 bonus experience (without a boon), and 10 energies and an enriched flickering memory yields 2 bonus experience. This equals 0.2 bonus experience per energy used.

These options can be activated using keys 1, 2, or 3 on the keyboard.

Rift locations

A map showing the locations of all wisp colonies on Gielinor.

There are many energy rifts located around Gielinor, and even one on Freneskae, all of which require a higher Divination level than others.

Note that you can get 10% bonus experience from converting with the appropriate boon. See the respective wisp pages linked for information on the fastest means of travel. A player may have all boons (which they have the level to create) active at one time. 

Level Wisp type Map Location Experience (Enriched)
Harvest[1] Convert Memory Convert with Energy
Normal Boon Normal Boon
1 Pale energy 1.png Pale
Pale wisp location.png West of Lumbridge crater, near the Divination camp.

Best travel option: Use an amulet of glory to teleport to Draynor Village or use a faction token, from The Battle of Lumbridge, to teleport to your respective camp.

1 3 N/A 3.7 N/A
10 Flickering energy 1.png Flickering
Flickering wisp location.png North of Falador, near the Guthix memorial site, and Standing Stones.

Best travel option: Use the Falador Lodestone and head east.

2 (4) 4 (8) 4.4 (8.8) 5 (10) 5.5 (11)
20 Bright energy 1.png Bright
Bright wisp location.png Between Varrock and the Digsite.

Best travel option: Use the Digsite pendant, or via gnome glider.

3 (6) 5 (10) 5.5 (11) 6.2 (12.4) 6.8 (13.6)
30 Glowing energy 1.png Glowing
Glowing wisp location.png South-east of Seers' Village; just south of the flax field.

Best travel option: Use the Seers' Village Lodestone and then travel south-east, or travel north from fairy ring code BLR.

4 (8) 7 (14) 7.7 (15.4) 8.7 (17.4) 9.5 (19.1)
40 Sparkling energy 1.png Sparkling
Sparkling wisp location.png South-east of Rellekka, near the Golden apple tree.

Best travel option: Ring of slaying to teleport to Fremennik Slayer Dungeon or use the fairy ring code AJR, then run south.

5 (10) 12 (24) 13.2 (26.4) 15 (30) 16.5 (33)
50 Gleaming energy 1.png Gleaming
Gleaming wisp location.png In the centre of the Karamja jungle, north-east of Shilo Village.

Best travel option: Getting to the Nature Altar using either Nature tabs or the Wicked hood. You may use a Lodestone to teleport to Karamja and travel south-east. Also, the Spirit graahk can be used for quick travel.

6 (12) 19 (38) 20.9 (41.8) 23.7 (47.4) 26 (52.1)
60 Vibrant energy 1.png Vibrant
Vibrant wisp location.png North of Mobilising Armies.

Best travel option: Use ring of duelling to arrive there, a spirit tree or the Mobilising Armies teleport.

7 (14) 25 (50) 27.5 (55) 31.2 (62.5) 34.3 (68.7)
70 Lustrous energy 1.png Lustrous
Lustrous wisp location.png North of Canifis, just to the east of the Slayer Tower.

Best travel option: Use a ring of slaying to teleport in front of the Slayer Tower and head east. Alternatives are the Mask of the Abyss/Helm of Warping which has the option to teleport to Markus. You may use a lodestone to go to Canifis and travel north-west.

8 (16) 32 (64) 35.2 (70.4) 40 (80) 44 (88)
75 Elder energy 1.png Elder
Elder wisp location.png In the Elder Halls upon completion of the Fate of the Gods quest.

Best travel option: Teleport to the World Gate using the Sixth-Age circuit.

You may use a lodestone to go to Eagles' Peak and travel south along the mountains until you reach the World Gate.

8.5 (17) 33.5 (67) 36.8 (73.7) 41.8 (83.6) 45.9 (92)
80 Brilliant energy 1.png Brilliant
Brilliant wisp location.png East of the Mage Training Arena.

Best travel option: Use the fairy ring code BIP, then run south.

9 (18) 35 (70) 38.5 (77) 43.7 (87.4) 48 (96.1)
85 Radiant energy 1.png Radiant
Radiant wisp location.png On Dragontooth Island.

Best travel option: Hoardstalker ring (the Dungeoneering cape can be used in place of the hoardstalker ring) from the Sinkholes D&D. The quest One of a Kind must be complete to access the resource dungeon. From the teleport arrival location, run north.

Alternative: Travel to Port Phasmatys, then travel via the ghost captain. You will need a Ghostspeak amulet or Cramulet to understand the captain, unless you have obtained the Morytania legs 3.

Alternative: Set a skill portal in the Max Guild to teleport you directly to the divination colony.

10 (20) 38 (76) 41.8 (83.6) 47.5 (95) 52.2 (104.5)
90 Luminous energy 1.png Luminous
Luminous wisp location.png Southern Sophanem.

Best travel option: Teleport to Menaphos lodestone, and talk to Coenus to travel across the bridge, then walk south. (Requires Contact!)

Alternative: Teleport to Jalsavrah in Sophanem with the Pharaoh's sceptre or Sceptre of the gods and run the rest of the way.

11 (22) 42 (84) 46.2 (92.4) 52.5 (105) 57.7 (115.5)
95 Incandescent energy 1.png Incandescent
Incandescent wisp location.png South of the Poison Waste.

Best travel option: Use the Spirit tree to the Poison Waste, then run south and use the grapple option with crossbow, then run west.

Alternative: Use the fairy ring code BKP, to get to the south of Castle Wars, then run past the bridge on the west.

12 (24) 45 (90) 49.5 (99) 56.2 (112.4) 61.8 (123.6)
  1. ^ Each time a player harvests a wisp they may gain energy or energy and a memory; harvest xp is earned even if the player collects no memory.

Wilderness Volcano

Players can train Divination at the Wilderness Volcano at any level. The experience and energy gained vary based on the player's level.

Harvest experience
Experience per harvest
Divination level XP Divination level XP Divination level XP
1 1 34 4 67 7
2 1 35 4 68 7
3 1 36 4 69 7
4 1 37 4 70 8
5 1 38 4 71 8
6 1 39 4 72 8
7 1 40 5 73 8
8 1 41 5 74 8
9 1 42 5 75 8
10 2 43 5 76 8
11 2 44 5 77 8
12 2 45 5 78 8
13 2 46 5 79 8
14 2 47 5 80 9
15 2 48 5 81 9
16 2 49 5 82 9
17 2 50 6 83 9
18 2 51 6 84 9
19 2 52 6 85 10
20 3 53 6 86 10
21 3 54 6 87 10
22 3 55 6 88 10
23 3 56 6 89 10
24 3 57 6 90 11
25 3 58 6 91 11
26 3 59 6 92 11
27 3 60 7 93 11
28 3 61 7 94 11
29 3 62 7 95 12
30 4 63 7 96 12
31 4 64 7 97 12
32 4 65 7 98 12
33 4 66 7 99 12
Conversion experience

This is the experience given for converting a memory into experience. If it is converted to experience without using energy, then the following experience is gained. If it is converted to experience with energy, then 1.25x more experience than below is gained. This requires 5 cursed energy per memory. An additional 20% more experience is gained if the player is wearing a demonic skull. If an enriched cursed memory is converted, the experience gained and the number of cursed energies required for enhanced conversion are doubled.

Experience per conversion
Divination level XP Divination level XP Divination level XP
1 4 34 8 67 29
2 4 35 8 68 29
3 4 36 8 69 29
4 4 37 8 70 36
5 4 38 8 71 36
6 4 39 8 72 36
7 4 40 13 73 36
8 4 41 13 74 36
9 4 42 13 75 36
10 5 43 13 76 36
11 5 44 13 77 36
12 5 45 13 78 36
13 5 46 13 79 36
14 5 47 13 80 41
15 5 48 13 81 41
16 5 49 13 82 41
17 5 50 22 83 41
18 5 51 22 84 41
19 5 52 22 85 46
20 6 53 22 86 46
21 6 54 22 87 46
22 6 55 22 88 46
23 6 56 22 89 46
24 6 57 22 90 53
25 6 58 22 91 53
26 6 59 22 92 53
27 6 60 29 93 53
28 6 61 29 94 53
29 6 62 29 95 64
30 8 63 29 96 64
31 8 64 29 97 64
32 8 65 29 98 64
33 8 66 29 99 64

The Arc

Level Wisp type Location Experience[1]
90 Positive energy.png Positive energy Cyclosis and the third island of The Islands That Once Were Turtles 33.5
90 Negative energy.png Negative energy Goshima and the third island of The Islands That Once Were Turtles 33.5
95 Ancestral energy.png Ancestral energy Uncharted isles 53.5
  1. ^ Experience can be gained without harvesting an energy.



Boons are permanent, single-use items that give 10% more experience when converting memories of a given tier. Only one of each tier can be used, but once it is used the effect lasts forever. They are made by using a certain amount of energy of either the same tier or one tier below the boon being made.

Boon Level Amount Energy type[1] Experience Cost[2]
Boon of flickering energy.png Boon of flickering energy 10 100 Pale or Flickering 3 16,500
Boon of bright energy.png Boon of bright energy 20 300 Flickering or Bright 5 62,400
Boon of glowing energy.png Boon of glowing energy 30 500 Bright or Glowing 7 146,000
Boon of sparkling energy.png Boon of sparkling energy 40 600 Glowing or Sparkling 9 113,400
Boon of gleaming energy.png Boon of gleaming energy 50 800 Sparkling or Gleaming 11 247,200
Boon of vibrant energy.png Boon of vibrant energy 60 1000 Gleaming or Vibrant 13 166,000
Boon of lustrous energy.png Boon of lustrous energy 70 1250 Vibrant or Lustrous 15 488,750
Boon of elder energy.png Boon of elder energy 75 1375 Lustrous or Elder 16 281,875
Boon of brilliant energy.png Boon of brilliant energy 80 1500 Lustrous or Brilliant 17 307,500
Boon of radiant energy.png Boon of radiant energy 85 1750 Brilliant or Radiant 19 372,750
Boon of luminous energy.png Boon of luminous energy 90 2000 Radiant or Luminous 21 816,000
Boon of incandescent energy.png Boon of incandescent energy 95 2250 Luminous or Incandescent 23 596,250
  1. ^ Be wary that the production interface only states the energy required as being the tier below the boon's namesake. For example, the Boon of flickering energy will only state that it can be made with Pale energy. However, it will consume energy from the namesake's tier if necessary; without warning.
  2. ^ This column assumes you are using the lower-tiered energy.


Main article: Portent

Portents are single-use items carried in the backpack that activate automatically when certain conditions are met. There are four types: restoration, item protection, life, and passage (portent of passage is only available in Daemonheim - see also Dungeoneering/Divination).

  • Restoration portents heal the player when they drop below 50% health.
  • Item protection portents automatically keeps an additional item when a player dies.
  • Life portents resurrects the player after death and provides 25% of the base life points.
  • Passage portents allow you to attempt to pass through Dungeoneering skill doors that you normally cannot get through up to a certain number of skill levels above the door requirement.


Main article: Sign

Signs are single-use items carried in the pocket that activate automatically when certain conditions are met. There are five types: respite, porter, item protection, life, and death.

  • Respite: Automatically extends your gravestone's timer when you die; can also be used to extend an existing timer.
  • Porter: Automatically teleports certain collected items to your bank (urns will still work).
  • Item protection: Automatically keeps an additional item when a player dies
  • Life: Resurrects the player after death and provides 25% of the base life points.
  • Death: Resurrects the player after death restoring up to 15% of their base life points while dealing that amount as damage to their target.

Divine locations

Main article: Divine location

Divine locations (often referred to as nodes) are skilling hotspots which may be placed by the player at the expense of energy and a secondary ingredient. A player may only create one divine location per day, however to determine the amount of resources a player can collect per day, divide the player's total skill level by 10 (ex. 1000 total skill would allow a player to collect 100 resources per day from divine locations). Most divine locations last 30 seconds after the first interaction, however some of the higher level locations last for only 23–25 seconds.

Players often like to place divine locations in popular places such as the Grand Exchange or world 2 Burthorpe, so that other players have the opportunity to use their divine location as well.


You can use your divine energy to turn unnoted lower level resources into higher level resources.

Level Initial resource Energy needed Result Exp. Profit/loss[1] Profit/loss without cost of energy
13 3 Logs.png Logs 2 Flickering energy 1000.png flickering Oak logs.png Oak logs 3.3 -698 -282
16 3 Raw sardine.png Raw sardine 2 Flickering energy 1000.png flickering Raw trout.png Raw trout 3.6 -1,876 -1,460
16 3 Raw crayfish.png Raw crayfish 2 Flickering energy 1000.png flickering Raw trout.png Raw trout 3.6 -1,252 -836
16 3 Raw anchovies.png Raw anchovies 2 Flickering energy 1000.png flickering Raw trout.png Raw trout 3.6 -1,954 -1,538
16 3 Raw shrimps.png Raw shrimps 2 Flickering energy 1000.png flickering Raw trout.png Raw trout 3.6 -1,612 -1,196
17 3 Copper ore.png Copper ore 2 Flickering energy 1000.png flickering Iron ore.png Iron ore 3.7 -978 -562
17 3 Tin ore.png Tin ore 2 Flickering energy 1000.png flickering Iron ore.png Iron ore 3.7 -315 101
22 3 Iron ore.png Iron ore 2 Bright energy 1000.png bright Silver ore.png Silver ore 5.2 -1,793 -1,209
26 3 Uncut sapphire.png Uncut sapphire 2 Bright energy 1000.png bright Uncut emerald.png Uncut emerald 5.7 -456 128
29 3 Iron ore.png Iron ore 2 Bright energy 1000.png bright Coal.png Coal 6 -1,819 -1,235
32 3 Oak logs.png Oak logs 2 Glowing energy 1000.png glowing Willow logs.png Willow logs 7.3 -1,903 -1,525
33 3 Uncut emerald.png Uncut emerald 2 Glowing energy 1000.png glowing Uncut ruby.png Uncut ruby 7.4 -6,201 -5,823
36 4 Raw trout.png Raw trout 2 Glowing energy 1000.png glowing Raw tuna.png Raw tuna 7.7 -1,558 -1,180
39 3 Silver ore.png Silver ore 2 Glowing energy 1000.png glowing Gold ore.png Gold ore 8 -205 173
42 3 Uncut ruby.png Uncut ruby 2 Sparkling energy 1000.png sparkling Uncut diamond.png Uncut diamond 9.1 -1,301 -683
46 3 Raw tuna.png Raw tuna 2 Sparkling energy 1000.png sparkling Raw bass.png Raw bass 9.6 -648 -30
49 3 Willow logs.png Willow logs 2 Sparkling energy 1000.png sparkling Maple logs.png Maple logs 10 -1,254 -636
58 5 Uncut diamond.png Uncut diamond 2 Gleaming energy 1000.png gleaming Uncut dragonstone.png Uncut dragonstone 12 -12,470 -12,138
63 3 Coal.png Coal 2 Vibrant energy 1000.png vibrant Mithril ore.png Mithril ore 13.3 -921 -139
64 20 Gold charm.png Gold charm 250 Vibrant energy 1000.png vibrant 10 Green charm.png Green charm 134 -97,750 0
66 3 Raw bass.png Raw bass 2 Vibrant energy 1000.png vibrant Raw monkfish.png Raw monkfish[2] 13.7 -2,817 -2,035
72 3 Maple logs.png Maple logs 2 Lustrous energy 1000.png lustrous Yew logs.png Yew logs 15.2 -567 -157
74 30 Green charm.png Green charm 750 Lustrous energy 1000.png lustrous 10 Crimson charm.png Crimson charm 154 -153,750 0
76 3 Mithril ore.png mithril ore 2 Lustrous energy 1000.png lustrous Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore 15.7 -774 -364
84 20 Crimson charm.png Crimson charm 1500 Brilliant energy 1000.png brilliant 10 Blue charm.png Blue charm 174 -319,500 0
90 20 Raw tarpon.png Raw tarpon 2 Ancestral energy.png ancestral 10 Raw seerfish.png Raw seerfish 204 -14 -10
91 10 Raw seerfish.png Raw seerfish 10 Ancestral energy.png ancestral 10 Raw sillago.png Raw sillago 204 -10 10
92 10 Raw sillago.png Raw sillago 15 Ancestral energy.png ancestral 10 Raw wobbegong.png Raw wobbegong 213 -10 20
93 10 Shell chippings.png Shell chippings 5 Ancestral energy.png ancestral 10 Shiny shell chippings.png Shiny shell chippings 217 0 10
93 3 Yew logs.png Yew logs 2 Luminous energy 1000.png luminous Magic logs.png Magic logs 21.7 -651 -121
94 10 Sea salt.png Sea salt 5 Ancestral energy.png ancestral 10 Alaea sea salt.png Alaea sea salt 220 0 10
95 2 Driftwood.png Driftwood 2 Ancestral energy.png ancestral Sliced mushrooms (The Arc).png Sliced mushrooms 22.6 -5 -1
96 6 Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore 10 Incandescent energy 1000.png incandescent Runite ore.png Runite ore 23.2 -4,043 57
96 20 Alaea sea salt.png Alaea sea salt 20 Ancestral energy.png ancestral 10 Wobbegong oil 10.png Wobbegong oil 232 -20 20
97 10 Wobbegong oil 10.png Wobbegong oil 10 Ancestral energy.png ancestral 10 Shiny tortle shell bowl.png Shiny tortle shell bowl 234 -20 0
97 100 Onyx dust.png Onyx dust 250 Incandescent energy 1000.png incandescent 1 Uncut onyx.png Uncut onyx 23.4 43,244 145,744
  1. ^ Profit/Loss assumes purchasing all required ingredients, including energy, and selling the result.
  2. ^ Requires completion of the Swan Song quest.

Guthixian Cache

Main article: Guthixian cache

Guthixian Cache is a Divination-themed Distraction and Diversion. There are no skill requirements for this Distraction and Diversion, but more points can be acquired at certain level thresholds.

Guthixian Cache requires the player to hop into an energy rift, found at any of the wisp colonies (except the Pale wisp colony) which appear for 10 minutes every hour, to collect memories of Guthix.

Temporary boosts

Main article: Temporary skill boost

A player wearing a Divination cape and performing the Skillcape emote.

Divination boosts can be used to create Portents, Signs, Divine locations, and Transmute items that the player does not have the Divination level to make. Boosts can also be used in Guthixian Caches and the Hall of Memories.

However, boosts cannot be used to make Boons or collect from springs that the player lacks the required level for (except in Daemonheim, where you can boost to harvest springs above your level). For example: a player with level 78 Divination cannot boost their level by 2 and collect from the level 80 spot. This boost cannot be used to activate tortle portals, or start miniquests in the Arc region. They also have no effect on energy gained per harvest, meaning a player cannot, for instance, boost their level from 73 to 75 and gather 3 instead of 2 energy per harvest. The following items can be used to boost your Divination level.

  • A brown spicy stew can temporarily boost or decrease one's Divination level by up to 5 levels.
  • The Divination cape temporarily raises one Divination level when one right-clicks the cape whilst wearing it and selecting 'Boost'. However, similar to all Capes of Accomplishment, level 99 is required for this.
  • A One-leaf clover necklace can grant a +5 boost to Divination. However, the chance for the necklace to choose Divination for the boost is highly uncommon due to it being chosen at random from all skills.
  • The God banner can boost Divination by +2 for 30 minutes once a day. However, it will not allow you to gather wisps above your base level.
  • A Caramel cup boosts divination by +3 but can no longer be obtained.
  • Meloberries, obtainable from The Arc, provide a +2 boost to Divination, at a cost of -1 Defence. However, the berries are untradeable, and require level 86 Farming to harvest, which is not boostable.
  • Enrichment auras increase the chance to obtain an enriched memory by 3-15 %.


  • Nightmare muspah pouch.png Nightmare muspah provides extra storage for memories and gives a 3% passive boost towards finding enriched memories.
  • Light creature pouch.png Light creature grants a passive 10% chance, increasing to 50% if scrolls are used, of instantly converting harvested Divination memories.

Cape of Accomplishment

The Divination cape can be bought from Orla Fairweather for 99,000 coins upon achieving level 99 in Divination. 



The skill was first announced in an IGN article[1] on 3 May 2013, which was later corroborated on 6 May by a Jagex Moderator (Mod Seven) on Twitter[2] to be the new skill.

The June 2013 BTS contained some fairly major hints on the matter.

Divination: Old-school training with new-school rewards.
— Mod Mark [3]

It was revealed that Divination would be released in August 2013, shortly after the release of RuneScape 3[4]

When asked about the mechanics of Divination as compared to Fishing and Mining, Mod Mark stated:

Yes, it will be much like fishing and mining, although there will be other mechanics built in. It's far more than *just* a gathering skill...
— Mod Mark

In the same 'Around the Campfire' Q&A BTS Video Mod Mark stated that Jagex planned to release a few weeks after RS3 but no confirmed date has been given. It was also confirmed that there will not be a quest to introduce the skill, like there was with the release of Summoning [5]. Mod Mark confirmed that Divination would not be available to free players, outside of the usual level 5 trial. He also confirmed that Divination, unlike Dungeoneering, would not be trainable up to level 120 [6]. A poll for the final skillcape design was started on 25 July.[7]

On 1 August 2013 it was confirmed while training the skill, you would collect divine energy from Wisps, which can be used to create new pocket or inventory items that activate under certain conditions and provide certain benefits such as preventing a killing blow being dealt to you.[8]

On 6 August 2013, the skill cape option 6 was confirmed out of the poll results.

Development team

Developer: (Project Lead: Ana S) Krista G

Additional Developer: Chris L
Design: (Project Lead: Matthew H) Ana S, Krista G
Additional Design: Anthony W, Fred H
Design Review: Mark O
Balancing Review: Timothy D
Wiki: Michelle-Louise J
Editor: William D
Project Manager: Giulyanna S

Characters: Damian C

Environments: James L
Animations: Brad A, Lelio C
Concept: David B
UI: Tursan R

Quality Assurance:
Core Testers: (Project Lead: Lesleyann W) James H, Kristina S, Anthony D, Gareth W, Sam D, Alex D, Ben L, Kyle R, Ryan P, Juliet T, Phil W, Ollie H, Rich D, Sarah J, Sarah P, Christina S
Sound Effects: Adam B

Voice Over: Adam R

Skilling pet

Willow (pet) chathead.png
Main article: Willow (pet)

Like all skills, there is a skilling pet obtainable from training this skill. For the Divination skill, the pet is called Willow.



  • Divination's Cape of Accomplishment was the first to have its colour scheme decided in a guaranteed content poll.
  • Training the skill was originally slightly faster. A number of training glitches were fixed within the first few hours:
    • Players could double click on a dying spring to gain extra harvests.
    • Multiple players could catch a single chronicle fragment.
    • Enriched wisps were not synchronized, so players could hop worlds for continual harvesting.
  • Prior to 17 December 2013, Divination was the only skill without a level-up jingle.
  • The message received after Tears of Guthix is "You briefly feel the power of anima mundi pass over you".
  • 10 tasks were added to the Burthorpe/Taverley task list to encourage players to try every part of Divination. After completing them, visiting Orla Fairweather at the Divination Camp in Draynor Village rewards 500 Flickering energy.


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