Divine Power
Divine Power emote icon
Release date 6 December 2011 (Update)
Members Yes
Sound Yes
Enhancer No
Duration 6.9 seconds
Requirements 12,000 Loyalty Points
Divine Power
Click animation for full size
Loy emote divine power

Divine Power is an emote unlockable by members using Loyalty points. It is bought from Xuan in either Burthorpe or Varrock for 12,000 loyalty points.

The emote requires a 2x3 area to be performed in, and must be performed outside. In the emote you kneel on the ground in an attitude of prayer. An angel descends from a cloud, takes your hands and pulls you to your feet. Your hand trails up after the angel as it ascends back to the cloud. It looks very similar to the spirit of Saint Elspeth.

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