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Divine eggs can be found while cutting trees if the ability to get them has been unlocked and chosen at the Memorial to Guthix. They replace bird's nests when chopping trees, and they can be searched to receive divine energy and divine energy products. If a player is cutting a tree and sees it on the ground, they are advised to pick it up as it will disappear within 30 seconds.

Searching a divine egg also awards Divination experience. At level 99 Divination, 430 Divination experience is awarded to the player.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Pale energy 1000Pale energy53–94Common1,696–3,008
Flickering energy 1000Flickering energy58–90Common6,612–10,260
Bright energy 1000Bright energy53–90Common6,360–10,800
Glowing energy 1000Glowing energy50–100Common2,850–5,700
Sparkling energy 1000Sparkling energy36–84Uncommon3,852–8,988
Gleaming energy 1000Gleaming energy43–67Uncommon3,311–5,159
Vibrant energy 1000Vibrant energy43–79Rare6,106–11,218
Lustrous energy 1000Lustrous energy33–82Uncommon2,871–7,134
Brilliant energy 1000Brilliant energy31–70Rare3,441–7,770
Radiant energy 1000Radiant energy45Rare7,605
Luminous energy 1000Luminous energy49–55Very rare5,390–6,050
Incandescent energy 1000Incandescent energy67Very rare11,591
Sign of lifeSign of life1Uncommon8,433
Sign of deathSign of death1Very rare8,238
Sign of the porter IISign of the porter II1UncommonNot sold
Sign of the porter IIISign of the porter III1UncommonNot sold
Sign of the porter IVSign of the porter IV1UncommonNot sold
Sign of the porter VSign of the porter V1UncommonNot sold
Sign of the porter VISign of the porter VI1RareNot sold
Fading memoryFading memory1–2RareNot sold


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