Divine Impling
Divine impling
Release date 6 May 2014 (Update)
Hunter level 79
Experience 375/520
Location Puro-Puro and throughout Gielinor
Trap Butterfly net or magic butterfly net
Preferred bait None
Retaliation No
Loot See Loot
Examine An impling with lots of energy.

The Divine impling is an impling located throughout Gielinor requiring 79 Hunter to catch. It can give the player divine energy, signs, elder charms or Nightmare muspah pouches when caught.

All drops barring Portent of life, Sign of life, Sign of death, Nightmare muspah pouch and Elder charm are scaled based on your divination level. One batch of energy is always received, and it is common to receive another item with the same jar, unlike most implings. The energy or other scaled rewards are most commonly the highest tier the player can gather or create.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Pale energy 1000Pale energy80–121Always13,200–19,965
Flickering energy 1000Flickering energy80–121Always16,640–25,168
Bright energy 1000Bright energy80–121Always23,360–35,332
Glowing energy 1000Glowing energy80–121Always15,120–22,869
Sparkling energy 1000Sparkling energy80–121Always24,720–37,389
Gleaming energy 1000Gleaming energy80–121Always13,280–20,086
Vibrant energy 1000Vibrant energy80–121Always31,280–47,311
Lustrous energy 1000Lustrous energy80–121Always16,400–24,805
Elder energy 1000Elder energy80–121Always33,680–50,941
Brilliant energy 1000Brilliant energy80–121Always17,040–25,773
Radiant energy 1000Radiant energy80–121Always32,640–49,368
Luminous energy 1000Luminous energy80–121Always21,200–32,065
Incandescent energy 1000Incandescent energy80–121Always32,800–49,610
Pale energy 1000Pale energy50–151Uncommon8,250–24,915
Flickering energy 1000Flickering energy50–151Uncommon10,400–31,408
Bright energy 1000Bright energy50–151Uncommon14,600–44,092
Glowing energy 1000Glowing energy50–151Uncommon9,450–28,539
Sparkling energy 1000Sparkling energy50–151Uncommon15,450–46,659
Gleaming energy 1000Gleaming energy50–151Uncommon8,300–25,066
Vibrant energy 1000Vibrant energy50–151Uncommon19,550–59,041
Lustrous energy 1000Lustrous energy50–151Uncommon10,250–30,955
Elder energy 1000Elder energy50–151Uncommon21,050–63,571
Brilliant energy 1000Brilliant energy50–151Uncommon10,650–32,163
Radiant energy 1000Radiant energy50–151Uncommon20,400–61,608
Luminous energy 1000Luminous energy50–151Uncommon13,250–40,015
Incandescent energy 1000Incandescent energy50–151Uncommon20,500–61,910
Sign of lifeSign of life1Uncommon12,813
Sign of deathSign of death1Uncommon11,878
Sign of the porter ISign of the porter I1UncommonNot sold
Sign of the porter IISign of the porter II1UncommonNot sold
Sign of the porter IIISign of the porter III1UncommonNot sold
Sign of the porter IVSign of the porter IV1UncommonNot sold
Sign of the porter VSign of the porter V1UncommonNot sold
Sign of the porter VISign of the porter VI1UncommonNot sold
Portent of lifePortent of life1UncommonNot sold
Portent of restoration IPortent of restoration I1Uncommon992
Portent of restoration IIPortent of restoration II1Uncommon982
Portent of restoration IIIPortent of restoration III1Uncommon1,461
Portent of restoration IVPortent of restoration IV1Uncommon2,068
Portent of restoration VPortent of restoration V1Uncommon4,496
Portent of restoration VIPortent of restoration VI1Uncommon4,843
Portent of restoration VIIPortent of restoration VII1Uncommon4,988
Portent of restoration VIIIPortent of restoration VIII1Uncommon1,682
Portent of restoration IXPortent of restoration IX1Uncommon1,608
Portent of restoration XPortent of restoration X1Uncommon27,252
Nightmare muspah pouchNightmare muspah pouch1Rare93,490
Elder charmElder charm1; 5CommonNot sold
Incandescent energy 1000Incandescent energy820; 970; 1,010; 1,217Very rare336,200–498,970


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