Divine fishing bubble detail

The Divine lobster bubble is a divine location that can be created at level 41 Divination, using 70 sparkling energy and 20 raw lobster, giving 10 Divination experience. It can then be fished by anyone with a Fishing level of 40 or higher for raw lobster, giving 90 Fishing experience each time. If anyone other than the owner fishes from it, the owner can randomly be awarded noted raw lobster. Lobsters gleaned from the divine bubble will count as two resources towards the daily divine location limit.

Just like every other divine location, players can only craft one of these per day, increasing to three per day after completion of the Juna storage bot in the Hall of Memories. Boosts cannot be used to harvest from a divine location.


Divine lobster bubble Divine lobster bubble
Divination-Make-X GE icon
10 XP--
Divination Divination level41
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Sparkling energy 1Sparkling energy7030921,630
Raw lobsterRaw lobster203537,060
Total price28,690

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Oak casketN/A1Uncommon


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