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Divine simulacrum I detail

The Divine simulacrum I is a divine location that can be created at level 75 Divination, using 100 elder energy, giving 16 Divination experience. Completing the quest Fate of the Gods is required to create it, but not to harvest from it. It can be gathered by anyone with a Divination level of 65 or higher for divine energies, portents, and signs.

If anyone other than the owner siphons it, the owner will be awarded with various noted signs, and energy which is mainly dependent on the harvester's Divination level. For example, if an owner places this divine location and a player with 95 Divination harvests it, it is possible for the owner to obtain Incandescent energy, regardless of their Divination level.

Just like every other divine location, players can only craft one of these per day, increasing to three per day after completion of the Juna storage bot in the Hall of Memories. Boosts cannot be used to harvest from a divine location.

Divine simulacrum I Divine simulacrum I
Divination-Make-X GE icon
16 XP--
Divination Divination level75
P2P icon Members onlyNo
Elder energy 1Elder energy10042142,100


If multiple items are given at once, the simulacrum will give the experience of the first item given. For example, if it gives luminous energy (210 experience) and incandescent energy (225 experience) at the same time in that order, it will use the experience of luminous energy (210 experience). Experience for energies is the same for its type regardless of the amount. Elder energy, portents, and signs do not award any additional experience and are awarded along with the energies, not by themselves.

Divination level Reward Usage XP per collection XP per resource Average GE price Price per resource
65 Portent of restoration VII Portent of restoration VII 4 N/A N/A 4,988 1,247
68 Sign of the porter IV Sign of the porter IV N/A N/A 21,663 (can't be sold) 5,415.75 (can't be sold)
69 Sign of item protection Sign of item protection N/A N/A 5,028 1,257
70 Lustrous energy 1000 Lustrous energy (3-10) 1,332.5 333.13
75 Portent of restoration VIII Portent of restoration VIII N/A N/A 1,682 420.5
75 Elder energy 1000 Elder energy (3-10) N/A N/A 2,736.5 684.13
78 Sign of life Sign of life N/A N/A 12,813 3,203.25
80 Brilliant energy 1000 Brilliant energy (3-10) 1,384.5 346.13
85 Radiant energy 1000 Radiant energy (3-10) 190 2,652 663
90 Luminous energy 1000 Luminous energy (3-10) 210 1,722.5 430.63
95 Incandescent energy 1000 Incandescent energy (3-10) 225 2,665 666.25


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