Doctor Orbon chathead

Doctor Orbon is a doctor involved in the Sheep Herder quest and Ardougne Tasks. He can be found in the East Ardougne church.


Ardougne Tasks

He acts as a taskmaster for the Ardougne Tasks, awarding the Ardougne cloak 1 for completing the Easy task set. He will provide another cloak if it is destroyed.

Sheep Herder

He conducts mercy missions into the infected parts of West Ardougne and has a set of protective clothing to prevent contagion. He will offer to sell this clothing, known as the plague set, to those seeking to destroy the infected sheep located in Farmer Brumty's enclosure for 100 coins. The plague set comprises of a plague jacket and a pair of plague trousers.

He is fully aware that the plague is fake, as if a player speaks to him while wearing mourner gear, he mistakes them for a mourner and asks for payment and that the head mourner be informed, as he won't be keeping up the charade for free any longer.

Plague's End

Following the events of Plague's End, he urges those he believes to be mourners to escape before the citizens of West Ardougne can carry out any reprisals while lamenting that the charade cannot be kept. He will otherwise question his ability as a doctor, due to his failure to recognise that the infected sheep were merely dyed as part of a hoax.

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