Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals
Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals
Release date 28 April 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon General store map icon
Location Thieves' Guild
Owner Dodgy Derek
Specialty General
Thieving supplies
Dodgy Derek location

Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals is a shop that sells blackjacks and thieving items. It is run by Dodgy Derek. It is located in the Thieves' Guild. Completion of Lost Her Marbles is required for the store to be built and running. It sells general thieving equipment and some everyday tools. This store is a benefit if one has completed The Feud and has lost their blackjack but does not want to have to travel to Pollnivneach to get another. This store is also run to generate revenue for the guild.

The store sells some general shop items but mainly features Thieving supplies. These are great for low level thieving training. To use the blackjacks, partial completion of The Feud is required. This is one of the only two stores to sell lockpicks.

With the addition of safecracking, the store also sells rewards in exchange for pilfer points that can be earned by taking part in the activity. If buying tradeable Thieves' Guild teleport tokens, each pilfer point is worth approximately 217.5 coins.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Lockpick Lockpick 2 20 coins 6 3,310 6,580
Stethoscope Stethoscope 2 10 coins 1 Not sold Not sold
Willow-blackjack Willow-blackjack 5 600 coins 200 344 -1,280
Rubber blackjack Rubber blackjack 100 1 coins 1 Not sold Not sold
Tinderbox Tinderbox 10 1 coins 1 474 4,730
Rope Rope 10 18 coins 6 401 3,830

Reward Shop

These rewards can be exchanged for pilfer points, earned by safecracking.


Name Points Description
Medium loot bag Medium loot bag 500 Upgrades the loot bag to carry more items.
Large loot bag Large loot bag 2,000 Upgrades the loot bag to carry more items.
Huge loot bag Huge loot bag 5,000 Upgrades the loot bag to carry more items.
Master thief's lockpick Master thief's lockpick 2,500 A master thief's lockpick that never breaks which can be added to the tool belt.
Master thief's stethoscope Master thief's stethoscope 2,500 A master thief's stethoscope which can be added to the tool belt.


Name Points Description
Shock absorber Shock absorber 10 Protects you from being stunned once while pickpocketing.
Elf thieving reset token Elf thieving reset token 200 Forces an elven clan in Prifddinas to forget about your previous pickpocketing.
Thieves' Guild teleport Thieves' Guild teleport 10 Allows you to teleport directly to the Thieves' Guild.
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