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This is a safe minigame.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
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Dominion Tower
Dominion exterior
Release date 1 November 2011 (Update)
Members Yes
Location North-west of Uzer
Participants 1-5
Skills involved Combat
Reward currency Dominion Factor
In spotlight rotation No
Hiscores Dominion tower highscores Yes (total factor)
Tutorial No
Custodians Strange face
Music unlocked Dominion Lobby I, Dominion Lobby II, Dominion Lobby III, Dominion Tower I, Dominion Tower II, Dominion Tower III, Dominion Tower IV, Dominion Tower V
Developers Original: Tim C
Update: Anthony W
Dominion Tower icon

The Dominion Tower is the tallest building in Gielinor, located in the Kharidian Desert, on the eastern bank of the River Elid. Constructed by an individual known as The Founder, it houses a minigame which gives players the opportunity to re-fight various quest bosses. The rewards include combat experience, new consumable items, and dominion glove sets. The history of the Tower is revealed in the Dominion journal, which is acquired as one beats bosses. A stone face manages the Tower, which is said to come from ancient times.

During a match, you cannot exit the arena gates or teleport out of the arena. Therefore, it is recommended you do not bring teleport items, unless they have another use that will help you in the matches. Players can win some items like runes, arrows, and bolts that can be sold, but these only appear in small quantity, and are highly unlikely to cover the costs of consumables used during matches. The rewards, however, will often include food or potions specifically for use within the tower, so it is possible to minimise the amount of money spent on supplies by using these instead. In general, players use the tower for prestige or to gain its non-tradeable rewards rather than to make money.


Founder crest

The tower was constructed by an individual who henceforth became known as The Founder, at the location of his birth. As a child he was sickly, and did not have the physique for combat. His family however, were renowned fighters, who dedicated their lives to vanquishing fearsome beasts. The Founder was keen to learn from his family's combat techniques and disciplines, and as he was growing up, he felt the necessity to prove himself through knowledge instead of having the ability for combat. Because his family were such prestigious fighters, he himself, being unable to fight, wanted to leave a mark on the world. He decided to build a massive tower, and travelled great distances to obtain the knowledge and assistance to construct it. The Founder took thirty years to construct the tower, and his brother, who was on the verge of death, accepted to be bound to the tower by their mother, a powerful sorceress.

The tower is magical, and has the ability to extract memories of severe combat from people and project them in the arena, creating very real and dangerous boss monsters that have already been defeated once by participants of the minigame in their adventures. In addition, the tower is able to create monsters from people's fears, which resulted in the creation of Sunfreet.

Getting there[]

  • Use a Dominion medallion or Super dominion medallion to teleport there (requires a minimum of being able to compete in the Dominion Tower (110 quest points and 20 of the 38 quests completed); if able to compete in the Dominion Tower, one can obtain the medallion on a previous trip to the tower). Both versions of the medallion allows a maximum of three teleports per day to the tower.
  • If the player's player-owned house is located in the Menaphos Port district or if by using a Menaphos tablet (requires the Love Story quest), players can teleport to Port district's dock, use right-click "Travel" option on Portmaster Kags and choose Dominion Tower, this is one of the quickest ways to get to Dominion Tower. Using the teleport option on a Slayer codex with at least 50 souls added also gets you within a few steps of the Portmaster.
  • Go through the Shantay Pass, run East-South-East to the River Elid, cross the bridge and go slightly North to reach the tower. The quickest transport to the Pass is by using a broomstick, or a charged Amulet of glory.
  • Use the Eagle transport system to travel to the Uzer Hunter area and run south-west (requires completing the Eagles' Peak quest).
  • Use a Pollnivneach tablet to get to the house portal and run north to the bridge (requires completing the Love Story quest).
  • Use a ring of slaying to teleport to Pollnivneach, then run north along the River Elid until the bridge, cross that bridge and go north (requires the ability to purchase or make the ring).
  • Use Fairy ring DLQ to get to the Uzer Hunter area, then run north (requires partial completion of the Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen quest).
  • Use a Pollnivneach teleport scroll to get to Pollnivneach, then run north along the River Elid until the bridge, cross that bridge and continue north.
  • Use a Desert amulet 2, 3 or 4's Nardah teleport ability, then run north along the Elid.


Note: Spectating has no requirements.
  • Completion of at least 20 of the following quests are required to start the minigame. Only bosses of quests the player has completed will be available to fight in the tower, so the more quests the player has completed, the more bosses are available:
Dawn, from The Death of Chivalry, is one of the many available bosses to fight.



The arena in which one fights

  • Climber allows the player to ascend through the levels of the tower, facing a randomly chosen boss scenario on each floor. The maximum number of rounds in this mode is 249. After each victory, an effect will be applied and will persist through all subsequent fights in that attempt. While a few of these will be beneficial, most of them will be handicaps. Players will be able to replenish food and change equipment between fights.
  • Endurance requires the player to fight as many bosses as they can on a single inventory of food/equipment, so whatever they take in needs to last. Access to the bank chest is not allowed.
  • Special presents a range of challenging, treacherous, and often strange encounters to test the player's skill and ingenuity.
  • Rumble lets players team up with up to four other adventurers to battle multiple bosses together on the roof of the tower. This mode does not increase general kill count, but has a separate one. It also presumably does not award journal pages.
  • Freestyle lets players fight on their own terms. There are no rewards (no dominion factor or boss kill counts) for using this mode, but it’s a way to practice against monsters before fighting them under handicap conditions, have the experience of fighting a boss again, or just to show off fighting a boss under the player's own crazily difficult rules. Though there is no dominion factor to be gained, players can still gain experience in this mode.
  • Spectator allows players to view the fights of another player who has the spectators option enabled. One can tag friends with their dominion medallion to directly watch them.

Climber mode[]

In climber mode, the player fights randomly-chosen bosses and can use a bank to restock and change equipment before each round. The player receives one additional new handicap each round, and that handicap plus all previously-received handicaps are active in the round.

The player ascends a floor with each round the player wins, and reaching certain floors unlocks abilities or items for the player. The player accumulates dominion factor for winning, which can be used at a rewards chest to claim rewards. Losing a fight reduces the player's dominion factor. For fights the player believes will very likely be lost, a player seeking the rewards is recommended to cash in the factor and restart climber mode.

If the player loses a fight, climber mode ends and the player is returned to the lobby on the ground floor. The player can voluntarily end climber mode by cashing in the accumulated dominion factor at any rewards chest.

Once climber mode is started, the player cannot play another Dominion Tower mode until climber mode is ended.


Dominion Tower handicaps interface

The handicap roulette.

When entering doors to begin a fight on a floor, the player receives one new handicap. Many handicaps hinder the player, although some handicap the monsters instead. There are 22 handicaps in total, and every handicap is active on every floor once it is received. A player must suffer each and every one of them at least once to unlock the Dominion sword.

When receiving a handicap on a floor, a handicap the player does not already have is randomly-chosen at first. The player then often has a chance to respin for a different handicap or to nudge the handicap spinner up to three places to get another one. It is recommended that the player avoid the worse handicaps for as long as possible. For example, a player who plans to use prayer frequently should avoid the 'no prayer' handicap.

Hint: You can also use the following list to see the effects of nudging. The list is organised, from bottom to top, in the order that nudges occur. (Example: If you get Reduced Magic Attack and nudge one position, you get Reduced Adrenaline.) Nudging off the top of the list goes to the bottom, so that nudging once from Reduced Adrenaline goes to No Ultimate Abilities.

Icon Handicap Dominion factor
per round
Effects of handicap
once incurred
Disease handicap
Reduced Adrenaline 70 You gain 20% less adrenaline from your attacks. This does not affect other sources of adrenaline gain, such as adrenaline potions
Reduced Magic Attack
Reduced Magic Attack 70 Your magic attack bonus is reduced in every match.
Slippery Fingers
Slippery Fingers 90 Occasionally during every match your weapon becomes unequipped and goes to inventory. If your inventory is full, this handicap does nothing. 3 sacks of potatoes or 1 coal or gem bag are enough to keep your inventory full during combat.

Warning: When fully consumed, a dominion potion does not leave a vial behind and thus will open a slot in inventory, allowing your weapon to become unequipped.

No Prayers
No Prayer 130 You cannot use any prayers in battle, including Ancient Curses. You will also be blocked from using them before battle, meaning you cannot deliberately drain your own prayer to stop the Black Knight guardian from healing. This handicap will also prevent the use of the Prayer book from The Great Brain Robbery to cure yourself of poison.
Monster Stun
Monster Stun -190 All foes at the beginning of the battle are stunned for a few seconds (about ten) and cannot attack or move. Note: The Illusive is effectively immune to this handicap, as it still burrows away during the stun period and thereafter isn't stunned. Eruni will also be able to move, but not attack. This can be useful for luring her behind a pillar.
No Familiar
No Familiar -60 You cannot summon a familiar during the matches. If you already have one summoned, it will be hidden and unusable during the matches.
Reduced Ranged Attack
Reduced Range Attack 70 Your ranged attack bonus is reduced in every match.
No Body Armour
No Body Armour 50 When this is incurred, any item worn in the body armour slot is removed and sent to your bank. During matches, you cannot equip anything to the body armour slot.
Halved Life Points
Halved Life Points -10 Your starting health is reduced by half at the start of each match. You can thereafter heal back up to full life points, provided you have the means to do so.
Random Freeze
Random Freeze -40 Occasionally you will become frozen and unable to move during every match. Since this does not count as a stun, anticipation will not stop it. However, this also means you can still attack while frozen, or use Freedom to release yourself.
Reduced Melee Defence
Reduced Melee Defence 50 Your melee defence bonus is reduced in every match.
No Food
No Food 120 You cannot eat any type of food during any match, including Scorpion meat. However, other means of life point recovery can be used.

(Attuned) Portents of restoration, the Vampyrism aura, the Vampyrism scrimshaw, and the Regenerate and Sacrifice abilities are usable regardless of handicaps. Saradomin brews and Soul Split can also be used if their respective handicaps are not active. If the "No Ultimate Abilities" handicap is not active, the Guthix's Blessing, Transfigure, and Rejuvenate abilities can also be used.

No Shield
No Shield -20 You cannot equip shields, defenders, or shieldbows, and any that you currently have equipped will be sent to the bank. However, you can use off-hand weapons and two-handed weapons. This does not include the Ward of Subjugation.
Reduced Melee Attack
Reduced Melee Attack 70 Your melee attack bonus is reduced in every match.
Life Saver
Life Saver -200

Once during each match, you are healed to full health if you reach low health. All stats, prayer points and summoning points are restored to full. WARNING: Your adrenaline will also be drained to zero in doing so.

Note: This will not heal you if you are killed by poison or certain types of typeless damage, such as Char's fire wall.

No Potions
No Potions 50 You cannot drink potions during any match. This includes dominion potions and Saradomin brews. This handicap also blocks the active ability of the Tireless blood essence.
No Power-ups
No Power-ups -80 You cannot use any dominion power-ups during any match. This includes dominion weapons and the help horn, but excludes the dominion medallion, dominion potions, and scorpion meat.
Reduced Ranged Defence
Reduced Ranged Defence 10 Your ranged defence bonus is reduced in every match.
Poison handicap
Poison -60 You are poisoned at the start of each match. The damage starts at 98 life points. You can cure yourself. If using the Poison purge Aura, the poison can be an advantage, as the aura converts poison damage into life points. If wielding an Anti-poison totem at the beginning of the match, you will not be poisoned at all. Also after you completed The Great Brain Robbery you can use the Prayer book (you must wear a Holy symbol ) to cure yourself from poison, though this method does not work if you have the "No Prayers" handicap active.
Random Daze
Random Daze 110 Occasionally during every match you become dazed, have auto-retaliate turned off, and have your combat interrupted. Simply re-attacking a foe will resume combat.
Reduced Magic Defence
Reduced Magic Defence 10 Your magic defence bonus is reduced in every match.
No Special Attacks
No Ultimate Abilities -100 You are not allowed to use Ultimate Abilities, even if your Adrenaline bar is full. This handicap prevents the use of special attacks, but does not prevent the use of basic or threshold abilities.
Dominion Tower

Inside the Dominion Tower.


  • Dominion factor per round is calculated by taking the difference between the estimated factor for a round and the actual dominion factor earned at the end of the round.
  • If your equipment is disabled, your equipment will be placed in your bank.

Rumble mode[]

In rumble mode, players can team up with up to four other adventurers to battle multiple bosses together on the roof of the tower. When the mode is chosen, players will be able to either create their own instance (setting the maximum number of people allowed, the minimum combat level to join, and also an entry key) or join an existing instance.

This mode does not increase general kill count, but has a separate one. It also presumably does not award journal pages.

There are different rules for bosses that are specific to rumble mode: if a boss requires a certain method to be killed (such as Count Draynor), normal combat will suffice; if a boss spawns as a team (such as the golems), they will spawn individually; bosses who spawn other monsters (such as the Giant scarab) will not do so; and bosses with moves that are hard to dodge will not use them. If there is only 1 player, there will be 4 bosses; for 2 players, there will be 7; for 3 players, there will be 9; and if there are any more players, there will be 10 bosses. If a player in rumble mode dies, the number of bosses does not change.

Additionally, there are certain random events that can happen while in this mode. Occasionally, tornadoes will appear and deal ranged and magic damage to players. Wizards appear and attempt to create a portal that explodes and deals damage if they are not killed quickly enough. Sunfreet may come and engulf the arena with fire. Char's walls of fire may be spawned and if they are not dodged correctly, deal damage to players. Evil Chickens may also spawn and attack players, although they are easy to kill as they are relatively weak.

Power-ups also appear randomly in this mode on the floor which can be picked up to use. The Vigorous orb gives the player who activated it 100% adrenaline for 30 seconds, instantly replenishing any adrenaline used during this time. The volatile orb produces a random handicap from the Climber mode. The booster orb doubles any dominion factor that the respective player gains for 30 seconds. The healing orb restores life points and prayer points to all players by 50% of their total.

Endurance mode[]

In endurance mode, players must battle successive bosses, as in climber mode but without incurring any handicaps. Instead, players are not allowed to access the bank throughout the entirety of their run. Players must play this mode in order to unlock the Dominion crossbow and Super dominion medallion. The maximum number of rounds in this mode is 250. After reaching floor 250, you will receive a message saying that "The tower is incredibly impressed with your skills. You have climbed as high as he is willing to allow.", and will be unable to proceed further. You will also have the message "Ascended as high as floor 250 in endurance mode and beyond!" added to your dominion marker.

Completed Dominion marker interface

A marker that has reached floor 250

In endurance mode, the bosses players face are generally easier than those in climber mode. However, all bosses still have a chance of appearing.

This mode earns much less dominion factor per fight, and after reaching floor 30 in endurance mode, players will earn dominion factor at a further reduced rate.

Special mode[]

In special mode, you select to undertake any of ten different matches. Each match has a specific set of opponents and handicaps. A match's handicaps are incurred only for that match (they do not carry over to other matches). You can only choose a special mode match if you have already fought the match's boss in climber mode (you don't have to win the climber mode match).

Special mode matches are:

  • Revenge of the Evil Chickens - The player must fight 15 Evil chickens without any prayer. The chickens use magic and are aggressive. Hint: Align the chickens, so there is only one attacking you at a time. Use red chinchompas or Barrage spells to inflict extra damage to more than one chicken. Counts for two kills.
  • Just Die Already - The player must fight six Dagannoth sentinels. Using the Balmung in tandem with two-handed abilities such as Hurricane and Quake should make them fall quickly. Another strategy is to use a barrage spell and line them up. Barraging them hits both of them at once so they will have minimal chances to heal, but if the difference in health between a pair reaches a certain point, they will heal. Counts for three kills.
  • No More Nomad...No More! - The player must fight Nomad twice without using a bank or taking a breather. Counts for five kills.
  • I Eat Dagannoths for Breakfast - The player must fight the original Dagannoth mother, the second Dagannoth mother, and two Dagannoth sentinels at once. The Balmung, which is supplied in the arena must be used to harm the second Dagannoth mother. Hint: Using all three styles of combat is a benefit. Kill the strongest Dagannoth Mother first, then stand under the sentinels and slay them with the Balmung, then finish off the weakest Dagannoth Mother. Use thrown weapons (Death lotus darts work best) for ranged and a slash weapon (the provided Balmung can be used) for melee. Counts for three kills.
  • You'll Never Defeat Me - The player must survive for five minutes with The Inadequacy, The Everlasting, The Illusive, and The Untouchable. The player will have reduced attack and defence, no shield or body armour, no potions, random daze, halved life points, no prayers, no food and no familiar. However, random food will spawn in the arena. Hint: Trap The Everlasting and The Untouchable behind the Inadequacy, which easily done from the starting position. The doubts will need to be killed as they spawn. The Inadequacy is immobile and doesn't use its ranged attack during this fight, so won't hit you if you stand a few spaces away. Alternatively, killing everything also counts as a victory and doesn't require waiting for five minutes. Counts for three kills.
  • Hey! Eat Power-up - The player must defeat many low-level boss monsters with only bomb power-ups. The bosses are Solus Dellagar, Delrith, Count Draynor, Melzar the Mad, Sigmund, Tarn Razorlor, The Draugen, The Kendal, Tumeken's shadow, Culinaromancer, Elvarg, and Treus Dayth. The player will not be able to use armour or weapons. Hint: Elvarg is the biggest threat with her deadly fire breath. Using a super antifire potion is the best solution if the player has access to it. She can torch a player without dragon fire protection in a second, and will use dragonfire all the time if she's not in melee range. Familiars like the Spirit Kyatt, the Iron Titan and the Steel Titan are each capable of killing her fast. Protect from Melee is a very useful prayer, since most of the bosses fight in close combat. TIP: Run as close to the edge of the arena as you can behind the massive bomb to the left of the entrance gate, wait for Elvarg to get within melee range, and then pick up the bomb. The other bosses will trap her and you will take no damage from any of the other bosses except the Culinaromancer, who can be taken out fairly easily with a combat familiar. Once the Culinaromancer is gone all you have to do is collect and use the massive bomb spawn under you. The bomb power-ups respawn quickly; if you find a spot between colossal and massive bomb spawns, for example, you could in fact stay there and keep reusing the same, powerful bombs until the end of the match. TIP: In the beginning of the match you can pick up the ancient mace, it's very useful to use when waiting for bombs to respawn. Counts for two kills.
  • The Fire! It Burns! - The player must fight a level 112 Sunfreet. Players cannot use power-ups, prayer, ultimate abilities, or familiars. Counts for one kill.
  • The Fire! It Burns! (easy version) - The player must fight a level 49 Sunfreet. Players cannot use power-ups, prayer, ultimate abilities or familiars. Note: No rewards are gained if you do not fulfil the regular requirements. Counts for one kill.

Freestyle mode[]

Players can choose their opponents and what handicaps, if any, will be used in the match. You must have defeated (not just faced) a boss in climber, endurance or special mode before you can choose that boss in freestyle.

There are no rewards (no dominion factor or boss kill counts) for freestyle mode, but it’s a way to practice against monsters or just to show off fighting a boss under the player's own crazily difficult rules. Players can gain experience in this mode.

Spectator mode[]

Spectator mode allows players to view the matches of other players. These players can choose to allow or disallow spectators when preparing for a match, although they cannot block individual spectators if they allow spectators at all.

A player with a dominion medallion can use the medallion to tag a friend in tower to directly watch them.

A spectator stands on the outside area of the arena, on one of the engraved eyes. The view ("camera") by default tracks the combatants in the arena, but the player can choose to control the camera to see the action from a variety of angles.

Spectating a match is a requirement for earning one of the Dominion Tower achievements.

Taunts and skipping cutscenes[]

Matches normally start with you and the boss exchanging challenge taunts in a cutscene. They end with the victor performing a victory taunt in a cutscene.

On the initial match information screen, you can press a taunt button to choose which challenge taunt you will use for matches. You can also use this button to turn the challenge and victory cutscenes on or off entirely.

Some challenge taunts start locked and unusable. You can unlock them by accomplishing certain Dominion Tower Achievements.


See Dominion Tower/Strategies for a guide on fighting these bosses.

Class A: Floor 6+[]

Nomad icon
Nomad's Requiem
Pest Queen and drones
Pest Queen icon
The Void Stares Back
Decaying avatar
Decaying avatar icon
Nomad's Requiem
Eruni, Ayuni and Leeuni
Eruni, Ayuni & Leeuni icon
Do No Evil
Dagannoth Mother (II)
Dagannoth Mother 2 icon
Blood Runs Deep
Zenevivia icon
Love Story

Class B: Floor 1+[]

The Untouchable
The Untouchable icon
Dream Mentor
Damis, Fareed, Kamil and Dessous
Damis, Fareed, Kamil & Dessous icon
Desert Treasure
The Everlasting and The Illusive
The Everlasting & The Illusive icon
Dream Mentor
Dagannoth sentinels
Dagannoth sentinel icon
Blood Runs Deep
Karamel and Gelatinnoth Mother
Karamel & Gelatinnoth Mother icon
Recipe for Disaster
Nezikchened icon
Legends' Quest

Class C: Floor 1+[]

Balance Elemental
Balance Elemental icon
While Guthix Sleeps
Jungle demon
Jungle demon icon
Monkey Madness
Arrav icon
The Curse of Arrav
Ice demon
Ice demon icon
The Temple at Senntisten
The Inadequacy and Doubts
The Inadequacy & A Doubt icon
Dream Mentor
Giant Roc
Giant Roc icon
My Arm's Big Adventure

Class D: Floor 1+[]

Arrg icon
Troll Romance
Barrelchest icon
The Great Brain Robbery
Chronozon icon
Family Crest
Evil Chicken
Evil Chicken icon
Recipe for Disaster
Flambeed, Agrith-Na-Na and Dessourt
Flambeed, Agrith-Na-Na & Dessourt icon
Recipe for Disaster
Giant scarab
Giant scarab (Contact!) icon

Class E: Floor 1+[]

Bouncer icon
Fight Arena
Koschei the deathless
Koschei the Deathless icon
The Fremennik Trials
Arzinian Avatar
Arzinian Avatar icon
Between a Rock...
Black Knight Titan
Black Knight Titan icon
Holy Grail
General Khazard
General Khazard icon
Fight Arena
Black Knight guardian
Black Knight guardian icon
A Void Dance

Class F: Floor 1+[]

Dad icon
Troll Stronghold
Dramen tree spirit
Dramen Tree Spirit icon
Lost City
Agrith Naar
Agrith Naar icon
Shadow of the Storm
Dagannoth mother (I)
Dagannoth Mother icon
Horror from the Deep
TokTz-Ket-Dill DT icon
Black golem, Grey golem, White golem
Black golem, Grey golem & White golem icon
Spirits of the Elid

Class G: Floor 1+[]

Treus Dayth
Treus Dayth icon
Haunted Mine
Elvarg icon
Dragon Slayer
Culinaromancer icon
Recipe for Disaster
Tumeken's shadow
Tumeken's shadow icon
Missing My Mummy
The Kendal
The Kendal icon
Mountain Daughter
The Draugen
The Draugen icon
The Fremennik Trials

Class H: Floor 1+[]

Tarn Razorlor and terror dogs
Tarn Razorlor icon
The Lair of Tarn Razorlor
Sigmund icon
The Chosen Commander
Melzar the Mad
Melzar the Mad icon
Dragon Slayer
Count Draynor
Count Draynor icon
Vampyre Slayer
Delrith icon
Demon Slayer
Solus Dellagar
Solus Dellagar icon

Class X1: Floor 1+[]

Vanstrom Klause
Vanstrom Klause icon
Branches of Darkmeyer
Char icon
The Firemakers' Curse
Apep and Heru
Apep and Heru icon
Diamond in the Rough
Khazard and Lucien
Khazard and Lucien icon
Ritual of the Mahjarrat
Dawn DT icon
The Death of Chivalry
Zemouregal and Enakhra
Zemouregal and Enakhra icon
The World Wakes

Class X2: Floor 1+[]

Yelps icon
The Mighty Fall
Dragon Hunters
Dragon Hunters icon
One of a Kind
Echo of Jas
Echo of Jas icon
One of a Kind
Chaos Grimsson and Hreidmar
Chaos Grimsson and Hreidmar icon
Birthright of the Dwarves
Lol icon
The Mighty Fall
Nial Swiftfling
Nial Swiftfling icon
Glorious Memories

Non-quest monsters (special mode only)[]

Level 49 and Level 112


Dominion menu

The screen before a fight displaying the next opponent

  • Having a full inventory with the "Slippery Fingers" handicap will prevent your weapon from being unequipped. This can be taken advantage of by bringing in consumable items such as pies or stews to eat that leave an item in the inventory. Another strategy is to bring a coal bag or a gem bag to fill up your inventory if you do not have pies, stews or Saradomin brews. A somewhat easier item to use is the statue collection bag, as it is much easier to empty than a coal bag/gem bag, however this requires a large quantity (at most 27) to have been collected prior to entering the tower.
  • Even though the opponent screen will tell the player that the jungle demon will change its attack according to your protection prayer. If they aren't within melee range, it will only use magic.
  • During the battle intro cutscene the player can click to activate your Quick Prayers/curses or a single prayer/curse without draining your prayer. Whatever prayer or curse they activate during the cutscene will turn on at the beginning of the battle.
  • When facing Arrav in the tower, during the fight the player will also talk with Arrav, which can interrupt combat.
  • If a player faces the Pest Queen, they must use the Korasi's sword (either their own or the one provided) with Stun Abilities.
  • If using Saradomin brews or other items/effects that lower your combat stats, the player can repeatedly remove and re-equip the Dominion medallion for free stat restoration (the regular medallion boosts by 4, the upgraded super medallion boosts by 8).
  • If using the Dominion medallion, it will negate the effects of reduced combat stats, as the medallion re-boosts stats periodically. However, Elvarg will still drain all of your combat stats down to 1 very quickly if the player is not using an anti-dragon shield.
  • Dominion Factor for the hiscores cannot go down, so dying won't reduce the amount one gets. Players get fewer rewards from the chest and xp book for less dominion factor.


Dreadnip old

The rewards available vary in use. Perhaps the most significant rewards are the three Dominion gloves (Goliath gloves, Spellcaster gloves, and Swift gloves) - gloves, providing excellent defence and health bonuses. However, you can only store 15 rewards credits for the Dominion Gloves and Dreadnips at one time.

Other rewards, such as the dominion weapons, can only be used within the Dominion Tower, providing useful boosts for use in fights within the tower.

Reward box[]

Reward box Dominion Tower
Main article: Reward box

The reward box is accessed after finishing a game in the tower. The reward received depends on your Dominion Factor, which is gained depending on the last fight and mode.

Possible items include dominion specific supplies, such as scorpion meat and dominion potions, as well as journal pages, unlocked power-ups (below) and certain types of ammo (arrows, runes, bolts). An Xp book will always be received, with experience dependent on the Dominion factor.

A full list of rewards can be found in the Reward box article.

Exchanging rewards for Xp books[]

The following rewards can be exchanged for Xp books:

To exchange rewards for books, fill your inventory with the rewards you want to exchange, right-click a rewards chest, and choose the 'Exchange' option. All reward items in inventory will be exchanged for a single Xp book.

You can also convert items to books when claiming rewards from the rewards box by clicking the 'Convert all items' button. Doing this will convert all convertible items in the box (not in your inventory) to a book. Make sure you remove any convertible items you want to keep before clicking the button.

The amount of experience gained from the book depends upon the number and type of rewards exchanged. For example, exchanging 28 pieces of scorpion meat gets a book that can provide one of the following:

  • 1,410 experience in any one of Attack, Strength, Defence, or Constitution
  • 1,287 experience in Magic
  • 1,207 experience in Ranged
  • 677 experience in Prayer

This figure may not be accurate for everyone, because the amount of experience awarded varies according to the level of the skill. (ex. A player with level 85 constitution and 80 defence would receive more experience if they spent the points on constitution) Note: Xp books can only be used on skills that are 75 or higher.

Achievement rewards[]

Additional rewards are received for achievements within the Dominion Tower. (Note: after unlocking a power-up, you must still receive it as a reward from the reward box.)

Achievement Reward unlocked
Reach floor 5 in Climber mode An extra aggressive taunt
Reach floor 10 in Climber mode An extra comedy taunt
Reach floor 15 in Climber mode The Help horn power-up [1]
Reach floor 15 in Endurance mode An extra submissive taunt
Reach floor 20 in Endurance mode Enhancement of the Dominion medallion into the Super dominion medallion
Reach floor 25 in Endurance mode The Dominion crossbow power-up [1]
Suffer each and every type of handicap (does not need to be done in a single Climber run) The Dominion sword power-up [1]
Use the Help horn and all 3 types of bomb power-ups in the arena (special match bombs do not count) The Dominion staff power-up [1]
Find half (10) of the Journal pages[2] The Diminutive bomb power-up [1]
Find all (20) of the Journal pages[2] The Massive bomb power-up [1]
Dominion Factor of 10,000 and all Journal pages[2] The Colossal bomb power-up [1]
Kill 100 bosses Dominion marker at stage 1
Kill 200 bosses Dominion marker at stage 2
Kill 300 bosses Dominion marker at stage 3
Kill 400 bosses and fight all Special matches Dominion mines, buyable at 10,000 coins for 10 mines
Kill 450 bosses and spectate a match[3] Dreadnip, a combat ally for use outside the tower.
Kill 500 bosses (once claimed, must make another 500 kills to claim again) Ascendancy mines
Kill all bosses in set 1 [4] and 500 bosses[3] Goliath gloves
Kill all bosses in set 2 [5] and 500 bosses[3] Spellcaster gloves
Kill all bosses in set 3 [6] and 500 bosses[3] Swift gloves
Complete all other achievements Dominion marker at stage 4
Complete all other achievements Ability to visit the top of the tower (Note: You do NOT receive XP for killing the monsters at the top of the tower.)
Kill 1600 bosses in Rumble Mode[7] Enhancement of the Dominion medallion into the Extreme dominion medallion.
Survive for 45 minutes in a 4+ man Rumble Mode[7] 'The Survivor' title
  1. ^ a b c d e f g Once unlocked, power-ups will have a chance of appearing in the reward box.
  2. ^ a b c Journal pages should be added.
  3. ^ a b c d Once unlocked, an extra will become available every 25 boss kills. This is the total number of dreadnips and gloves available to claim. Claiming an item will reduce the number available for the other three items as well. Killing the bosses in Special mode counts for sets 1, 2, and 3. They need not be fought in only Climber or Endurance.
  4. ^ Set 1 consists of: Nomad; Eruni, Leeuni and Ayuni; The Untouchable; Dagannoth sentinels; Balance Elemental; Ice demon. It can be particularly useful to kill Nomad in Special mode, since he otherwise only occurs in Endurance or Climber mode, although players need to kill two of him in Special mode.
  5. ^ Set 2 consists of: Decaying avatar; Dagannoth Mother (II); The Everlasting and The Illusive; Nezikchened; Arrav; Giant Roc.
  6. ^ Set 3 consists of: Pest Queen; Zenevivia; Damis, Fareed, Kamil and Dessous; Karamel and Gelatinnoth Mother; Jungle demon; The Inadequacy.
  7. ^ a b Does not appear to be classed as a necessary achievement for stage 4 Dominion Marker or visiting the top of the tower.

The top of the Dominion Tower[]

Upon completing all Achievements, you are granted access to the top of the Dominion Tower. The top of the tower consists of an arena with various monsters. You get no XP for fighting the monsters, and your combat stats (excluding summoning and prayer) are boosted significantly. It is notable that it does not count as part of the tower, thus powerups like Dreadnips can be used, and Scorpion Meat does not function. The top of the tower is not instanced, so it is possible to bring your friends up there to fight with you.


Dominiont Tower scoreboard

The scoreboard.


Dominion Tower scoreboard interface

A single player with multiple entries.

For the very best of combatants in the Dominion Tower there is the possibility to get listed on the Scoreboard in the lobby of the Dominion Tower on the east side of the Strange Face.

This scoreboard will list the best 10 players in each world based on what dominion factor they have gained in one trip in any of Climber, Endurance or Rumble mode.


  • Disowned (RuneScore 40) - Defeat Vanstrom Klause in the Dominion Tower whilst wielding a reforged Sunspear and full set of House Drakan robes.
  • Do a Minion, Take Notes (RuneScore 25) - Complete the Dominion journal.


Dom tower

Artwork of the Tower.

For the first time in ten years of Jagex game development, we’re removing our test servers from the hidden depths of the RuneScape Studio and dropping them directly into RuneFest. Be the first to play brand new content and fight notorious bosses before we release it to the wider world. The Dominion Tower is a true test of skill and endurance as you climb ever higher in the pursuit of victory. This is high-level content, but don’t worry; you'll be using our tough-as-nails test accounts - hard enough to hold their own while you get the hang of tackling the bosses!

Attendees of RuneFest 2011 were given the chance to play-test Dominion Tower using Jagex test servers and Jmod test accounts. These attendees gave feedback and found glitches that delayed the release of Dominion Tower from the original 31 October date to the eventual 1 November date:

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that the Dominion Tower update has been moved back slightly to tomorrow, Tuesday 1 November.

As you may have heard we allowed some players to try out this new content at RuneFest 2011, and as a result we received some fantastic direct feedback. Based on this, we have made the decision to delay the release slightly so that we can incorporate some of that feedback into the live content.

We know that this small delay may be frustrating for those of you who are keen to see the Tower, but we hope you can understand that we always want to release the very best content we can, and when faced with such great feedback from players we'd be crazy to not listen to those views, and make some changes, where we agree that things could be even better.

So the content is being revised right now, we'll have it all tested later today and some final tweaks tomorrow morning, and we hope to have you all in the Tower by tomorrow afternoon.

Finally, we know we said this content would be in October, and the release will now be on the first day of November, but we felt getting the content right and reacting to player feedback was far more important than missing a calendar date by one day, we hope you agree!


On behalf of RuneScape Content



  • On the day of release the Knowledge Base read, "The rewards were stored somewhere in the tower and the face can't find them. Come back tomorrow when he's managed to have a look around."
  • The Founder who created the Dominion is likely a reference to Star Trek Deep Space Nine, which also features a Dominion created by god-like Founders.
  • If you perform the dance emote while in a fight it says, "Someone likes to party!" and the Strange face comes in on the left side of the screen. Similar messages appear, if you use the think or blow kiss emotes, wear a Runefest hood or wield a fun weapon in a battle. Think gives the message "Now's not the time to think!", and blow kiss gives the message "Flattery ain't gonna help you here!".
  • An update on 3 November 2014 changed the number of boss kills required for one pair of dominion gloves or a set of dreadnips was increased from 5 to 25. Dreadnips now come in batches of 500 as opposed to the previous 100.
  • Many of the previously unvoiced monsters received Voice Over for their lines, but only for their appearances inside the Dominion Tower. Some also received damage, attack and death sound updates (the golems, for example).