Not to be confused with Ascendancy mine.
Dominion mine detail

Dominion mines are a reward that can be purchased from the Strange face after killing 400 bosses and finishing all special challenges, with the exception of Sunfreet, within the Dominion Tower. Each mine costs 1000 coins and 10 are purchased at a time. Players can only place 2 dominion mines per minute.

Dominion mine explode

A dominion mine exploding on a Waterfiend.

These mines always hit 20% of the monster's maximum life points, up to 10,000 melee damage. They are useful if you want to get a strong hit on monsters with high life points such as rune dragons. Monsters will not become aggressive when hit by a mine. Dominion mines can only be triggered by NPCs with less than level 138 combat, making most bosses immune to them. Vulnerability does not increase damage the mines deal.

Shattered Worlds mobs only take 20 damage from the mines. They cannot be used inside the tower itself, nor in the Sunken Pyramid.

Usage in boss encounters

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