Not to be confused with Captain Donnie.
Donie chathead

Donie can be found wandering all over Lumbridge, and will give help to new players when asked, such as where to find or start quests and where to train Cooking and Combat. Donie has a very large wander radius, which covers the entire town of Lumbridge.

If you ask about a quest you have already completed, she will acknowledge that and offer a couple witty remarks or thank the player.

Some of her quest tips are outdated: "The duke confused over strange stones" refers to previous version of Rune Mysteries, and when talking about Doric, she means Doric's Quest (replaced with What's Mine is Yours). There is a similar issue with Malignius Mortifer.



  • Sometimes a player can find two copies of the NPC in Lumbridge.
  • Donie was removed in September 2009, but then re-added in December 2009.
  • She used to have the Jobs feature, and was the last NPC to have it, retaining the feature until the 25 May 2010 update.
  • The bug in which Donie's torso was invisible has since been patched.
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