Doogle sardine detail

A doogle sardine is a quest item used in the Gertrude's Cat quest, which when completed, allows players to obtain a pet cat. It is made by using doogle leaves on a raw sardine. During the quest, a Doogle sardine is given to Fluffs, the mother of all player-owned cats. A player cannot feed it to their own pet kitten, as this simply gives the message 'Nothing interesting happens.'

This item cannot be cooked for human consumption on a range or a fire like an unseasoned sardine.

Because this item cannot be fed to player-owned cats, cannot be fed to Fluffs after the quest, cannot be traded and cannot be reverted back to a raw sardine, it is considered a useless item after the quest and it is recommended that players do not make more.


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  • Most quest items have a Destroy option. Many others which did have a Drop option are now Destroy. Oddly, this item can still be dropped AND can be reproduced after the quest it has a use in.
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