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Some obstacles along the course

Turgall in the generator room

The Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course

Released with the 20 March 2007 update, the Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course is a high level Agility course at the south side of Dorgesh-Kaan. To enter, a player must have at least level 80 Agility, must have completed Death to the Dorgeshuun, and must bring a light source.

By completing the course and retrieving an item requested by the courses' caretaker, Turgall; the player may choose to train either ranged, agility, or, if they so choose, both skills. The course has two paths to choose from, and the path chosen determines the skill experience will be granted in upon completion of the course. In order to complete one of the routes and obtain ranged experience, the player will require 80 strength and ranged, as well as both a mithril grapple and an appropriate crossbow, or an Enhanced grappling hook.

Getting there

The course is located in the far south of the city on the top level, and can be reached by climbing the southernmost stairs to reach the south dungeon's upper level.

The fastest way to get to the course is to break a Dorgesh-Kaan teleport sphere and run to the course.

An alternative but slightly slower way to get to the course is to use the fairy ring code AJQ, placing the player directly underneath the course. Players will see ladders to their right at the northernmost part of the cave, through which they can reach the course.

A third option to get there is to travel to Keldagrim, then through the entrance to the train station. Board the train to arrive at the southern end of Dorgesh-Kaan; from there open the door and run south, then climb up the stairs leading to the Agility course.


The caretaker is found in a well-lit generator room at the north-east corner of the cave, down some stairs. To start training; a player will need to offer to help by retrieving an item from the other generator which is located to the south-west. Complete the conversation in order to receive the spanner used to extract items from the other generator. He will always give a choice of two items, one delicate and one heavy. The heavy items can only be returned via the Agility route, and the delicate items can only be returned via the grapple route. Using the wrong route will result in the item being destroyed, and attempting to teleport with the items will break them.

Heavy Items (Agility route)
Cog.png Cog
Lever (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course).png Lever
Power box.png Power box
Light/Delicate Items (Grapple route)
Capacitor.png Capacitor
Fuse (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course).png Fuse
Meter.png Meter

The player must travel to the disused south-west generator using either the Agility obstacle route or the ranged grapple route. At the generator, the player must use the spanner on either; the boiler to receive heavy items, or the console to receive delicate items according to what type of item Turgall requests. If the player collects heavy items they must use the agility route to return to Turgall, and will be granted 2057 agility experience. If collecting delicate items, the grapple course must be used, and the player will receive 1142 ranged experience upon returning the correct items. If the player take the agility route to the boiler, and the ranged route from there they will receive half of the experience in each skill (ie 1028.5 in agility, and 571 in ranged). Each obstacle gives a minimal amount of experience when completed, the total amount of experience using the agility route both ways is 2375 per lap.

Recommended equipment and Inventory

Using the full Agility course:

Slot Item
Aura None (Surefooted aura does not work here)
Head Exoskeleton headband2 > Gold athlete's hat2 > Mining helmet
Cape Wicked cape > Spottier cape > Spotted cape
Neck None necessary
Ammunition1 6 Mithril grapple
Weapon1 6 Crossbow: Zanik's > Bone >Chaotic> Bronze ... Rune3
Chest Agile top > Wicked robe top > Exoskeleton torso
Shield None
Legs Agile legs > Wicked robe bottom > Exoskeleton legs
Hands Penance gloves > Exoskeleton bracers
Feet Boots of lightness
Ring None: Explorer's ring's 3x run energy replenishment will not help much
Inventory Spanner4
Seer's headband > Bullseye lantern2
No food5
Toolbelt Enhanced grappling hook 6

1 = Only when using grapple route (gives ranged experience).
2 = A Seer's headband will also work inside the player's inventory; allowing the player to equip the Athlete's hats or Exoskeleton headband.
3 = Zanik's crossbow weighs 0.0 kg, rune crossbow weighs 2.0 kg.
4 = Obtained by talking to Turgall.
5 = Food is unnecessary because natural life points restoration will almost always cover the life points lost from failing.

6 = If the player has an Enhanced grappling hook, it is unnecessary to have a Mithril grapple in ammunition slot and a crossbow in weapon slot.

Agility route

Choose to retrieve a heavy item and follow the path of the obstacle course as follows:

New Generator - Walk-across cable (tightrope) - Swing Cable - Swing-across Ladder - Swing Cable - Squeeze-past Jutting Wall - Squeeze-through tunnel - Walk-Across cable - Swing-across Ladder - Old Generator; and reverse to return.

The squeeze-through tunnel destroys delicate items carried by the player. It is possible to fail on cables and ladders, but is uncommon even at the minimum level of 80 agility. A fall will drop a player to the lower level of the dungeon, inflicting about 100 damage and damaging any item retrieved from the generator; the player will have to collect another part from the old generator. If the player falls, simply use the stairs found at the north side of the dungeon to return to the course.

Having weight-reducing clothing may appear useful, but it does not give any advantage compared to 0 kg at this course. With 80 Agility players can run the entire course without running out of energy. The heavy item weighs 3 kg, which is not very much, therefore the player does not use significantly more energy on the return route than on the outward route.

A typical lap time for running the whole course is about 2 minutes 40 seconds, while the absolute fastest time possible is about 2 minutes 30 seconds[source needed]. While there is no level at which a player cannot fail, the fail rate does decrease at higher Agility levels. At level 82 Agility players can gain around 43,000 experience an hour from completing the Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course. It is possible to achieve 54625 xp (23 laps) in under 59 minutes.


Image /
Name & (XP)
Image /
Name & (XP)
Dka cable.png»
Cable balance (25)
Dka cable swing.png»
Cable swing (22)
Dka ladder.png»
Monkey bars (25)
Dorgesh-Kaan agility 4.png»
Cable swing (22)
Dka jwall.png»
Wall (7.5)
Dka tunnel.png»
Tunnel (7.5)
Dorgesh-Kaan agility 7.png»
Cable balance (25)
Dorgesh-Kaan agility 8.png»
Monkey bars (25)
Dka generator room.png»
Retrieving the
requested object (0)
The player then needs to return to Turgall by
doing this route in reverse or by using
the grapple obstacles* (18 exp each).

*see below

Grapple route

Dka grapple.png

Choose to collect a light item for the grapple route, which is faster than the Agility route since only 3 obstacles need to be bypassed with the grapple. A crossbow and mithril grapple, or an Enhanced grappling hook is required to utilise this course. It is possible to lose your grapple during the completion of this course. As such, it is recommended to bring extra grapples to account for this occurrence.

Players will receive ranged experience for using this route, and a small amount of Agility experience. It is possible to fall while using this route. Carrying a "heavy item" on this route will result in falling and the item being destroyed.

Timings and experience

Route Time Agility Experience Ranged Experience
Agility course both ways 2:40 2375 0
Agility course there, grapple route return, or vice-versa 2:30 1241.5 625
Grapple route both ways 1:49 108 1250

Tips and tricks

  • The Mining helmet weighs less than a lantern, and cannot be extinguished by accident.The Seers' headband 3 is lighter than the mining helmet and if players can complete the diary, it is recommended to use it. The lower the player's weight, the lower their obstacle failure rate.


  • On 22 June 2009, the likelihood of failing was decreased alongside increasing the required Agility level from 70 to 80. Additionally, the total experience received per lap was lowered from 2750 to 2100. However, after feedback from players who believed that 2100 was too low, the experience was raised to 2375 per lap.
  • The heavy items originally weighed 30 kg each, but this was reduced to only 3 kg each.