Dorgesh-kaan market

The busy marketplace of the Dorgeshuun.

Dorgesh-Kaan market trading is an activity that can be played at the market of Dorgesh-Kaan. It revolves around selling "exotic" surface foods to Dorgeshuun gourmets for a certain price, with some foods being more or less desired than others. If executed well, a significant amount of money may be earnt this way. Completion of Death to the Dorgeshuun is required to access the market.

Starting out

Before being able to sell foods, you will need to get permission first. This is done by speaking to Lurgon, owner of Dorgesh-Kaan General Supplies - he can be found wandering around the middle of the market. He will explain the basics of trading and inform you that you will need permission from the Dorgeshuun Council first, with a certain (random) councillor in charge of the marketplace. Find this councillor and ask for permission, which you are granted instantly. Return to Lurgon - you will now be able to sell food to the goblins.

Councillor Location Minimap
Ur-lun chathead Ur-lun In the south-east of the city, along with Ur-pel. Ur-lun location
Ur-meg chathead Ur-meg In her house west of the market, south of Barlak's shop. Ur-meg location
Ur-pel chathead Ur-pel In the south-east of the city, along with Ur-lun. Ur-pel location
Ur-taal chathead Ur-taal In the north-west of the city, by the large pond and outside Oldak's laboratory, along with Ur-zek. Ur-taal location
Ur-tag chathead Ur-tag East of the council's meeting room in the north-east of the city, on the first floor. Ur-tag location
Ur-vass chathead Ur-vass Slightly north-east of the market, east of the fountains. Ur-vass location
Ur-zek chathead Ur-zek In the north-west of the city, by the large pond and outside Oldak's laboratory, along with Ur-taal. Ur-zek location


Trading with a gourmet

Trading with a gourmet. Note Lurgon, with top hat, in the background.

As a result of the established connection to the surface, many goblins have got a crave for tasting exotic human food. There are four differently dressed gourmets wandering around the market, to whom you are able sell your food. Simply use a piece of food on them and name your price. If your price is too high, however, the gourmet will not buy anything since the food will be too expensive for them; likewise, if the price is too low, the goblin will think the food is of poor quality and not buy it either. If the gourmet agrees with the price, they will offer to buy a certain amount of food (usually up to five pieces depending on whether the price was on the low or high end) and you may agree to sell or decline. If you don't have the amount of food the gourmet desires, you may still sell what you have. Moreover, it is not required to stick with the gourmet's wish - you may sell less if you want to. After completing a transaction with one of the gourmets, you must trade with a different one next - the gourmets will not want to buy from you twice in a row.

Offering a suitable price is tricky. You may use the food on Lurgon to get a rough estimate of the price that the food goes for, along with some advice (see the last section for these prices). This price is usually higher than its high level alchemy value, but it depends on popularity as well. You may deviate from the suggested price, but not too much. As a rule of thumb, the foods will generally sell best for slightly above Lurgon's price if the gourmet liked its look or smell.

When determining your price, the gourmet's reaction to the food must be taken into account as well. If they react positively, they will be willing to pay more. However, if they don't like the look of the food, they will not pay as much and it may be a good idea to try selling to a different gourmet, preferably the one with the most positive response. Additionally, it's important to sell a variety of food types; the novelty of all foods quickly wears off, causing the gourmets to pay less if offered the same type of food repeatedly. However, this discount due to repeated selling is only about 0.7% of the price, and can nearly be ignored.

Gourmet's response Reaction Multiplier
Yuck, that looks horrid. What is it? Very negative 1
Eww, what's that? Negative 1.5
So what's that then? Neutral 2
That smells nice; what is it? Positive 2.5
Mmm, that smells good... What is it? Very positive 3

To determine the price that a Gourmet is willing to pay, find the price of the item (either by talking to Lurgon or consulting the table below). Then, multiply this price by the multiplier given by their reaction. The Gourmet's response to your price is then a function of the ratio between your offered price and this calculated value. For example, when offering a Rocktail (which has a Dorgeshuun value of 300) to a Gourmet that had a "positive" response, that Gourmet will "value" it at 2.5 times the Dorgeshuun value, or 750 coins. If you were to offer to sell the rocktail for 320 coins (which is about 43% of 750), the Gourmet would offer to buy two of them, since that's the response for an offer in the 40% to 45% range.

Gourmet's response Price range (% of value)
Hmm...if you're selling them that cheaply there must be something wrong with them. I think I'll pass. ≤ 10% (won't buy)
That sounds like a great deal to me. I'll take five! ≤ 25%
That sounds like a great deal to me. I'll take four! ≤ 35%
That sounds like a good deal to me. I'll take three! ≤ 40%
That sounds like a good deal to me. I'll take two! ≤ 45%
That's fair. I'll take one. ≤ 50%
Hmm, okay. I'll buy one. ≤ 60%
That's a bit much for me. ≤ 100%
Don't be absurd - it's clearly not worth that! no limit (won't buy)

It's also possible that a gourmet is really amazed by the food, which will lead to a craze for that particular food. This allows you to charge more for that food for a limited amount of time, as the gourmets will pay more for it.

After a successful trade, a grateful gourmet may also give you some Dorgeshuun food for free. This will be one out of mushrooms, fillets, roast frog, eel sushi or grubs à la mode. Also note the gourmet's response to your price to get an estimate of how good it was; they may either say that the price is too low and refuse, happily state that it's a great deal, say that the deal is fair, agree to buy one with a slightly annoyed look, say the price is "a bit too much", or call the price outright absurdly high.

The trick is to find a balance between a high price and the gourmet's willingness to buy more pieces. Sometimes, lowering the price a bit may lead to greater profits since the gourmet will want to buy more. It's always handy to bring several pieces of the foods you are trying to sell.

Types of food

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Preferred food

The following are valued by the Dorgeshuun at triple their item value, prompting Lurgon to say "That looks like exactly the sort of food people are looking for!"

1/2 anchovy pizza90
1/2 meat pizza75
1/2 p'apple pizza150
1/2 plain pizza60
1/3 evil turnip30
2/3 cake90
2/3 chocolate cake150
2/3 evil turnip60
Almond toffee30
Anchovy pizza180
Avocado wrap150
Banana stew900
Bean wrap150
Beef-filled flatbread300
Butterfly chicken300
Caramel cup30
Cave nightshade90
Celebration cake450
Celebration cake (unlit)750
Celebration cake (lit)750
Chicken-filled flatbread300
Chilli chocolate300
Chocolate bar60
Chocolate cake210
Chocolate drop3
Chocolate dust60
Chocolate slice90
Chocolatey milk6
Christmas pudding3
Coconut cream300
Cooked crab meat (5)150
Cooked crab meat (4)120
Cooked crab meat (3)90
Cooked crab meat (2)60
Cooked crab meat (1)30
Cooked fishcake300
Cooked oomlie wrap105
Corn chips300
Dwarven delight300
Easter egg30
Edible seaweed6
Evil turnip90
Fish-filled flatbread300
Fried mushrooms126
Fried onions21
Gorajian mushroom240
Hazelnut praline30
Juju gumbo60
Lemon truffle30
Magical bunny egg30
Magical chick egg30
Magical lamb egg30
Meat pizza150
Mint fondant30
Monkey bar150
Monkey nuts9
Mulled wine3
Noisette triangle key300
Pineapple pizza300
Plain pizza600
Plain wrap150
Popcorn ball3
Purple sweets45
Rabbit sandwich600
Roast potatoes3
Rock cake3
Rose essence truffle300
Scrambled egg24
Seaweed sandwich3
Ship's biscuit30
Skewered kebab75
Slice of cake30
Sour cream wrap150
Spare ribs300
Spicy pepper wrap150
Spicy sauce27
Spicy stew60
Spinach roll3
Square sandwich120
Strange fruit3
Strawberry creme30
Stuffed snake3
Super kebab9
Tchiki monkey nuts15
Tchiki nut paste15
Triangle sandwich120
Turkey drumstick3
Ugthanki kebab60
Ugthanki kebab (smelling)60
Vanilla fudge log300
Vegetable-filled flatbread300
Wrapped candy3
Yule log3

Neutral food

The following are valued by the Dorgeshuun at exactly their item value, prompting Lurgon to say "You could have a go at selling that."

Bacon heap40
Bacon mound80
Bacon pile20
Bacon stack10
Cabbage (Draynor Manor)1
Calquat fruit54
Chopped onion3
Chopped tomato3
Coconut (open)87
Cooked chicken12
Cooked chompy130
Cooked jubbly150
Cooked meat30
Cooked rabbit19
Cooked slimy eel1
Cooked sweetcorn9
Cooked turkey4
Cooked turkey drumstick4
Cooked undead chicken4
Cooked undead meat4
Equa leaves2
Fat snail meat30
Giant frog legs100
Gout tuber200
King worm2
Lean snail meat20
Lemon chunks2
Lemon slices2
Lime chunks1
Lime slices2
Locust meat1
Minced meat8
Mysterious jerky300
Onion & tomato5
Orange chunks2
Orange slices2
Papaya fruit64
Pineapple chunks1
Pineapple ring1
Poorly-cooked beast meat4
Poorly-cooked bird meat4
Pot of cream19
Premade c+t batta195
Premade ch' crunch70
Premade choc bomb450
Premade fr't batta195
Premade s'y crunch70
Premade t'd batta195
Premade t'd crunch80
Premade ttl450
Premade veg ball270
Premade veg batta195
Premade w'm batta195
Premade w'm crun'80
Premade worm hole270
Raw potato16
Red banana5
Roast beast meat25
Roast bird meat17
Roast rabbit20
Rotten apple1
Sliced banana2
Sliced red banana5
Spicy minced meat8
Spicy tomato3
Spider on shaft40
Spider on stick50
Tenti pineapple1
Thin snail meat10
Toad's legs2
Ugthanki meat5
Watermelon slice16
White pearl1
White tree fruit1

Disliked food

The following are valued by the Dorgeshuun at half their item value, prompting Lurgon to say "I'm afraid that people don't seem to be going for fish." This includes some items that aren't actually fish.

Baron shark150
Cave eel7
Chopped tuna52
Cooked eeligator0
Cooked karambwan230
Fish-like thing0
Fresh monkfish5
Frog spawn2
Fury shark250
Giant carp25
Great gunkan300
Great maki300
Great white shark162
Lava eel75
Manta ray250
Poison karambwan125
Rainbow fish60
Sea turtle250
Seaside rock200
Sugar skull333
Tiger shark1600
Toffee apple333

Cannot be sold

The following items cannot be sold, because they are Dorgeshuun cuisine, prompting Lurgon to say "No, there's no point trying to sell Dorgeshuun foods in the market."

The following cannot be sold, for unknown reason, prompting Lurgon to say "Eww, yuk! I don't think anyone will buy that at any price."

Many other recent food items are simply not recognized as food by Lurgon, including scorpion meat, rocktail soup, and all drinks.