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Doris Karloff is Evil Dave's mother. She can be found in her house in Edgeville, just west of the bank. She claims to have lived in Lumbridge in the past but moved due to the lack of guards and the large numbers of pickpockets and people killing the citizens there.

Doris can tell the player a bit of Dave's past and can instruct the player how to restore a hellcat into a normal cat. Alternatively, a player can talk to Doris with their hellcat out and ask for it to be turned into a normal cat.

She is a witness in her son's court case, EVIL DAVE v. The People.

The stove

Doris Stove Detail

The stove in her house is a useful cooking spot because it is a short walk from the Grand Exchange (through the shortcut), doesn't require any skill levels or quests and will decrease burning opposed to a fire. The stove is also next to the Edgeville bank. Note that the stove can be selected through the roof of the house or the graphics can be set to cut off the roof.


Below Doris's house is her basement which her son has taken as his own. It houses both the basement-dweller Dave and a large swarm of hell-rats.


  • Doris makes a reference about how it is safer in Edgeville. Also, she mentions that she does not have an attack option any more.
  • After the Grand Exchange and Edgeville update of July 2011, the gate and fence have been removed.
  • She has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard which reads "Doris Karloff. A mumsy of DEMONICALLY DEVIANT proportions. May she rest in VIOLENT PEACE."
  • Doris' name is a reference to actor Boris Karloff.
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