Dormant Anima Core is a dormant armour set from Heart of Gielinor as rare drops from the generals inside. It can be upgraded into Anima Core armour by combining it with crests. It can be combined with Crests of Seren to create Anima Core of Seren armour; Crests of Sliske to create Sliske's Parody armour; Crests of Zaros to create Anima Core of Zaros armour; or Crests of Zamorak to create Anima Core of Zamorak armour.



  • Prior to 4 April 2016, when a player obtained a piece of dormant anima core armour, it would broadcast throughout that world. This was changed into only setting off friends' newsfeeds due to the mass amount of dormant anima parts being dropped by the bosses often.
  • They have the same examine text as godsword hilts.
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