For the currency from Deathbeard's Demise, see Phantom doubloons.
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Doubloons was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
Doubloons detail

Doubloons are a currency won from Treasure HunterTalk like a Pirate Day! event, from killing any Pirates, from pickpocketing NPCs, and by training Agility at Brimhaven, that can be exchanged for pirate-related items.

When receiving doubloons, the message You have received [AMOUNT] doubloons. is shown, and they are automatically added to your inventory. 5 doubloons are received when killing and tagging the ticket dispensers in the agility arena, while 3 are received for pickpocketing.

After the promotion, doubloons can be converted to coins, at 10 coins per doubloon.

Item Doubloons
Pirate sheep 3000
Walk the Plank emote 3000
Jolly Roger cape 2000
Two-handed swordfish 1500
Ship's wheel shield 1500
Crate o' peg legs 1000
Crate o' fake beards 500
Titles pack 1 500
Titles pack 2 500
Ship's biscuit 100
Title pack 1 Title pack 2
Peg Leg [Name] Red-Hand [Name]
Cutthroat [Name] [Name] Blackbeard
[Name] the Swashbuckler [Name] Runebeard
One-Eyed [Name] [Name] the Rum Thief
Dread Pirate [Name] Pirate King / Pirate Queen [Name]

Doubloons interface


  • If your inventory is full, it would be added to your bank. If that is full as well, it would be added there regardless.
  • It can be fed to the baby troll to change its name to "Avast", "Cabin boy", "Davey", "Doubloons", "Kraken", or "Yarrr".
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