Christmas Pet of Seasons
Douglas pet
Release date 14 December 2015 (Update)
Members No
Race Sprout
Source Solomon's General Store
Interface Yes
Category Companion
Food None
Growth time None
Colour variations None
Examine A pet is not just fir Christmas.

Douglas is a pet available from Solomon's General Store for 217 (free-to-play) or 195 (members) RuneCoins. It is available for free for people who already have the Pet of Seasons before 14 December 2015.

Upon release of the companion pet, all existing Pets of Seasons were upgraded to companion pets, complete with the new animations (attack, special attack and defence animations). However, note that pets of winter, spring, summer and autumn will remain as follower pets, meaning that they cannot override familiars, nor will they receive the new animations.


  • The pet is named Douglas after the Douglas fir tree, an evergreen species used for Christmas trees. The examine text is a reference to this.
  • The examine is also a reference to the saying "A pet is for life, not just for Christmas", a warning about giving pets as presents to those incapable or unwilling to support the pets after Christmas.
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