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Dr Harlow (zombie) chathead

Dr. Randulf Harlow is a retired vampyre slayer located in the Blue Moon Inn at Varrock. In his many years of fighting, he has seen much evil, and has since turned to alcohol to cope.[1] As such, when Count Draynor terrorised Draynor Village, he was unable to help. He boasts about his history, claiming to have been the "besht".[2] He is good friends with Morgan in Draynor Village, sharing some of his vampyre slaying tips with him.[3]

In exchange for a beer, he teaches others how to become a Vampyre Slayer, explaining how their dark magic allows them to regenerate and providing them with a stake and hammer necessary to finish off a vampyre. He also advises they carry garlic on them.

He also appears as a zombie in New Varrock, still in the Blue Moon Inn. He has been possessed by the Spirit of the Body, who thought to use him to obtain a few lively pleasures and fight Delrith,[4][5] and can only control his body when drunk.[6] He refuses to embrace sobriety, despite the efforts of the apothecary.[6] He rejects any attempts to give him the sobriety potion, describing it as a "vile concoction".[7] It must be disguised as beer before he will take it, and afterwards he will complain about the spirit's return.


  • Dr. Harlow used to be located in the Jolly Boar Inn, north-east of Varrock. This was changed to prevent new players from accidentally wandering into the Wilderness.
  • Dr. Harlow received a makeover on 15 December 2009. Before his makeover, he wore glasses, but does not have them on his new model.
  • His new look resembles Van Helsing, the protagonist and vampire hunter from Bram Stoker's Dracula. It is also likely that he was based off the character originally.
  • He could also be based on psychologist Harry Harlow, who was known to be an alcoholic.
  • At the mention of "How to kill a vampyre" Dr. Harlow resumes a normal, sober state. His speech isn't slurred, and it seems the only thing that could snap him out of his inebriated state.


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