This article is about the ability. For the attack unique to dragons, see Dragonfire.
Dragon Breath
Dragon Breath
Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Magic
Level 5
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 10 seconds
Breathe a mighty cloud of fire in a frontal cone, hitting all targets for damage up to 188% of active spell damage, disabling protection prayers in PvP.
Dragon Breath
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Dragon Breath is a basic Magic ability. When activated the player hits the primary target and all targets in a 3x3 square centred on the target for 37.6-188% ability damage. If used at a distance, other monsters or players in between may be hit as well. if two or more enemies are hit by the line of sight, it will not hit the main target. The damage is not affected by a target's use of a dragonfire protection.

Dragon Breath combines the functionalities of Cleave (188% damage in a frontal cone) and Smash/Snipe/Havoc (prayer disable, with higher damage than Smash or Havoc and does not require Snipe's channelling).

While wearing the Dragon Rider amulet, this ability's damage will be increased by 10%, and it will have a 10% chance to burn the opponent with a shortened version of Combust that does 10% of Dragon Breath's maximum damage three times. This shortened version of Combust does not double in damage if the target moves from its spot.


  • In PvP Dragon Breath was used at a distance and generates adrenaline but does no damage. Against NPCs, Dragon Breath could only be used adjacent to the target. This was changed in March 2014.
  • Dragon Breath used to hit 300% active spell damage before a hidden update that severely weakened most abilities.
  • There was previously a glitch where if a large monster stood between the player and their target, it would take damage from dragon breath 2 to 4 times. This was fixed on 29 September 2014.
  • Previously, when this ability hit an enemy target and did not miss, it provided 10% adrenaline. This was changed to match all other basic abilities and provide 8% adrenaline on 9 May 2016.
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