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Dragon Rider helm chathead.png

A player wearing Dragon Rider armour.

Dragon Rider armour is a level 70 all-class armour set that gives the highest Prayer bonus for any items in each of its armour slots. The boots and gloves are dropped by the King Black Dragon, while the helm, body, chaps and cape are dropped by Celestial dragons after completing the grandmaster quest One of a Kind. A Dragon Rider kit is used to upgrade the gloves and boots to their superior versions.

To store the set in a player-owned house, the boots and gloves must be the superior version.

Components and bonuses

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Dragon Rider helm.pngDragon Rider helm7019607---150,124
Dragon Rider amulet.pngDragon Rider amuletNone0010303030500,000
Dragon Rider body.pngDragon Rider body70226010---246,534
Dragon Rider chaps.pngDragon Rider chaps7021607---232,403
Dragon Rider cape.pngDragon Rider cape702906---279,370
Dragon rider gloves.pngDragon rider gloves603602---374,984
Dragon rider boots.pngDragon rider boots603602---826,783
Superior Dragon Rider gloves.pngSuperior Dragon Rider gloves704903---1,115,726
Superior Dragon Rider boots.pngSuperior Dragon Rider boots704903---1,567,525

Concept art of the Dragon Rider armour.