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For the flatpacked version, see Dragon bitter (barrel) (flatpack).

The Dragon bitter barrel is a piece of furniture that can be built in the kitchen of a player-owned house with the Construction skill. It requires level 36 Construction and level 39 Cooking, 3 oak planks, 2 steel bars, and 8 dragon bitters to build. When built it earns the player 224 Construction experience.

The barrel, used with an empty beer glass, supplies the player with an unlimited amount of Dragon bitter. The beer cannot be taken outside of a player-owned house, nor can it be used to construct dragon bitter barrels.

Additionally, with the use of an oak workbench in a player's workshop room, making flat-pack dragon bitter barrels is quite a profitable method if the player is willing to acquire the materials directly (mining and smelting ore to make steel bars, and taking oak logs they have cut to the sawmill themselves). However, this is generally unviable in the long run as flatpacks sell poorly on the Grand Exchange.