Dragon bitter (m) detail

Mature dragon bitter is a stat enhancing beer that temporarily enhances a player's Strength level by 3 at the cost of 6 levels in Attack. It is the stronger, or 'mature' version of the regular Dragon bitter, which adds 2 levels to Strength and removes 4 from Attack (the same effects as regular Beer). Its effects are not incredibly useful, as strength mix and strength potion(4) are much cheaper and can give 3-12 strength and can carry multiple doses in one slot without any negative effects.

When brewing Dragon bitter, there is a small chance that it will turn out mature. As maturation occurs during the brewing process, leaving normal ale in the vat after it has finished brewing will not cause it to turn mature or go bad. The chance of getting a mature ale can be increased by adding the stuff to the vat just prior to adding the hops.

Players can brew it in either the Keldagrim or Port Phasmatys breweries.

The full recipe for standard Dragon bitter is as follows (ingredients used in the order given):

  1. 2 Buckets of water
  2. 2 Barley malt.
  3. (optional) 1 "The stuff," to increase chance of maturity.
  4. 4 Krandorian hops
  5. 1 Ale yeast
  6. Wait two to five days
  7. Collect the completed ale using eight Beer glasses or two Calquat kegs*.

*Calquat kegs are highly recommended, especially if the ale has matured. This creates Dragon bitter (m) (keg). Simply by collecting the ale in a keg, the value of the batch will increase by several thousand coins. This ale, unfortunately, is not very useful - keg or no keg.

Unlike its regular counterpart, mature dragon bitter cannot be used to make a dragon bitter barrel in a player-owned-house.


  • Increases Strength level by 3.
  • Heals 420 life points.
  • Lowers Attack level by 6.


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