Dragon impling jar detail

The dragon impling jar is the result of successfully catching a Dragon impling, the third rarest and hardest to catch impling in Impetuous Impulses. Dragon Impling Jars are also dropped by the Motherlode Maw.

If a player catches an impling without an empty impling jar, they automatically receive the loot instead.

As can be done with all impling jars, the Dragon impling jar can be traded in singularly to Elnock Inquisitor for three empty impling jars. This is not recommended, as Dragon impling jars are worth considerably more than three empty jars.

The market value of this jar is considerably more than all but a few (Dragon arrows or Dragon arrowheads) of the possible loot items you may receive from it. Their price is high due to the chance of said expensive items and the rarity of the Dragon impling itself.

If a player attempts to cast analyse or disassemble on this item, they will get the message You monster! You can't disassemble a living thing.


Looting a Dragon impling jar can result in getting any of these items.

Item Value Buying then looting profit[1]
Mystic robe bottom (blue) Mystic robe bottom 9,189 -135,289
Dragonstone amulet 2-3 Amulets of Glory 22,200 to 33,300 -122,278 to -111,178
Dragonstone amulet 2-3 Dragonstone Amulets 20,166 to 30,249 -124,312 to -114,229
Dragon dart 110-350 Dragon darts 14,850 to 47,250 -129,628 to -97,228
Dragon dart tip 110-350 Dragon dart tips 90,530 to 288,050 -53,948 to 143,572
Dragon arrow 5 79-500 Dragon arrows 23,800 to 119,000 -120,678 to -25,478
Dragon arrowheads 5 111-500 Dragon arrowheads 32,412 to 146,000 -112,066 to 1,522
Dragon bolt tips 5 10-36 Dragon bolt tips 2,030 to 7,308 -142,448 to -137,170
Dragon bones 55-188 Dragon bones 100,430 to 343,288 -44,048 to 198,810
Baby dragon bones 104-300 Baby dragon bones 93,496 to 224,750 -50,982 to 80,272
Death tiara Death tiara 2,128 -142,350
Death talisman Death talisman 679 -143,799
Dragon longsword Dragon longsword 58,241 -86,237
Dragon dagger 3 Dragon daggers 50,358 -94,120
Magic seed 5 Magic seed 32,162 -112,316
Summer pie 15-30 Summer pie 10,320 -134,158
Dragonstone 3 Dragonstones 25,074 -119,404
Snapdragon seed 5 6 Snapdragon seeds 1,332 -143,146
Dragon bolts (e) 5 14 Dragon bolts (e) 4,326 -140,152
Dragon bolts 5 18 Dragon bolts 6,660 -137,818

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Motherlode MawN/A1Rare
  1. ^ Ignores selling Impling jars for 437 each. Impling jars have a chance of shattering that decreases as Strength level increases, thus it is impossible to factor this into the profit analysis.
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