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Dragon platebody ornament kit (sp) detail.png

The dragon platebody ornament kit (sp) is an ornament kit can be used on a Dragon platebody to make a Dragon platebody (sp). It is sometimes received by completing an elite Treasure Trail. This ornament kit doesn't add any bonuses to the platebody. The Dragon platebody ornament kit (sp) turns a Dragon platebody into a Dragon platebody (sp) by adding four extra spikes to the platebody consisting of one added spike on each shoulder pad protruding outwards, and two near the abdomen of the character (much like Torag's Platebody). It can be removed with the "split" option, and the player will receive back both the kit and the untrimmed Dragon platebody. The Dragon platebody cannot be traded if it has an ornament kit attached, so one must detach it and then it can be traded as usual.

A player wearing a Dragon platebody with the ornament kit attached


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