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Not to be confused with Ornament kit.
Dragonbone upgrade kit detail

The dragonbone upgrade kit is an item that can be used on infinity robes and dragon equipment to change their appearance. The kit gives the affected armour piece a purplish colour and adds some bone features. It is a rare drop from the Queen Black Dragon.

Like all ornament kits, a single kit may be applied to only one piece of armour at a time; multiple kits are needed to alter multiple pieces. Also, the kit may be recovered from an affected armour piece via right-click option (the armour piece is reverted to its original form in the process).

Left-clicking on the dragonbone upgrade kit will select the option "Info". This option will bring up a message in your chat box that reads, "The dragonbone upgrade kit is compatible with the following objects: (1/2) - (2/2)"; the list of compatible items is given below.

Dragonbone items

The following is a list of the items made using the kit and the original armour used to make them.

Upgrade Original
Dragonbone boots Dragonbone boots Dragon boots
Dragonbone full helm Dragonbone full helm Dragon full helm
Dragonbone platebody Dragonbone platebody Dragon platebody
Dragonbone platelegs Dragonbone platelegs Dragon platelegs
Dragonbone plateskirt Dragonbone plateskirt Dragon plateskirt
Dragonbone gloves Dragonbone gloves Culinaromancer's gloves 9
Dragonbone mage boots Dragonbone mage boots Infinity boots
Dragonbone mage bottoms Dragonbone mage bottoms Infinity bottoms
Dragonbone mage gloves Dragonbone mage gloves Infinity gloves
Dragonbone mage hat Dragonbone mage hat Infinity hat
Dragonbone mage top Dragonbone mage top Infinity top

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Queen Black Dragon9001Uncommon
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