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Dragonfire Dragonfire is the fiery breath used by dragons against their enemies. All adult dragons are able to use it, with the exception of the Revenant dragon.


Dragonfire is much more powerful than regular fire or the fire from fire spells. A dragon can deal up to 6000 damage to players without proper equipment. Dragonfire is unique in the fact that it defies the combat triangle. It is a different form of attack in itself; however, it can still be partially resisted by using the Protect from Magic prayer or the Deflect Magic curse. This is only a small part, however, and even then it can hit up to 400+ damage. Familiars are not affected by dragonfire.

Depending on what the game message says, and if you used anything, damage will be calculated as this:

  • "You are horribly burned by the dragonfire!" - More than 1500+ damage is dealt to the player.
  • "Your potion slightly protects you from the heat of the dragon's breath." - Approximately 0-900 damage is dealt to the player.
  • "You manage to resist some of the dragonfire." - Approximately 500-1499 damage is dealt to the player.
  • "Your prayers resist some of the dragonfire." - Damage ranging from 0-499 damage is dealt to the player.
  • "Your potion (and shield) fully protect(s) you from the heat of the dragon's breath." - No damage is taken by the player.

Dragons are able to use dragonbreath over distance and will use the attack when both close or far away from the target. The King and Queen Black Dragon are even able to use multiple types of dragonfire. The king's dragonfires may include the added effects of freezing, poisoning and stat-reduction. Baby and pet dragons are not able to use dragonfire.

The skeletal wyverns don't use dragonfire, instead, they use an ice-type breath which is even more dangerous. It can reduce the stats of a player and prevent them from moving. This breath can only be negated with the use of an elemental shield or dragonfire shield. For player with access to Prifddinas, wyrmfire potions or variants can be made, which protects against wyvernbreath as well as for dragonfire for 6 minutes.


There are several methods to protect oneself against dragonfire, or if not completely, most of the dragonfire. Without these protection methods, killing a dragon can take a long time as their dragonfire can hit very hard and often on you.

Icon Name Effect Note
Anti-dragon shield.png Anti-dragon shield An anti-dragon shield reduces the damage from dragonfire down to around 30, making it the most used way of protection. This shield can be obtained during the Dragon Slayer quest and thus players must have either begun this quest or purchased on the G.E. in order to increase their chance against a dragon greatly. If used with an antifire (mix) it will offer full protection, this is often done against stronger dragons.
Important: This shield does not provide protection from the icebreath of Skeletal wyverns.
Dragonfire shield.png
Dragonfire ward.png
Dragonfire deflector.png
Dragonfire shield
Dragonfire ward
Dragonfire deflector
Same as the one above, with increased defensive stats and it can be charged with dragonfire. Players can also discharge the shield against monsters or other players to deal dragonfire damage.
Making it requires a draconic visage, an anti-dragon shield and 90 smithing. Alternatively, it can be traded between players. The draconic visage is an extremely rare drop from stronger dragons like frost dragons or metal ones. The visage is not dropped by any chromatic dragons except black dragons, nor are they dropped by bronze dragons.
If used with an antifire it will offer full protection, this is often done against stronger dragons.
The dragonfire shield does provide protection from the icebreath of Skeletal wyverns.
Protect from Magic.png
Deflect Magic.png
Protect from Magic
Deflect Magic
Increases your resistance to dragonfire, although you will still take most of the damage. Does not work for a metal dragon's or the Queen Black Dragon's dragonfire. Also does not stack with other dragonfire protection, contrary to popular belief. 
Antifire (3).png Antifire This potion offers protection for 6 minutes and can be made by those with 69 herblore using a lantadyme and dragon scale dust on a vial of water. All by itself it does not offer good protection and should not be used as sole protection in battle. It can be decanted into a flask to hold up to 6 doses instead of 4. If used with an antidragon shield it will offer full protection, this is often done against stronger dragons.
Antifire mix (2).png Antifire mix A max of 2 doses of antifire can be mixed with caviar to create an antifire mix. This potion's effect is identical to the one above. Also heals the player 600 LP
Super antifire (3).png Super antifire Those with level 85 herblore can combine a 3 dose antifire with a desert phoenix feather to create a super antifire. Super antifire offers full protection against dragonfire, hence no other protection is needed (so dual-wielded or two-handed weapons can be used). However, they should mind the 6 minute limit of the potion, and be prepared to drink another dose. It can also be made into a flask. This potion is untradeable, and the assist system cannot be used to make it. However, temporary boosts such as Greenman's ale can be used.
Wyrmfire potion (6).png Wyrmfire potion Mixing a four-dose antifire with a super antifire in a crystal flask makes a wyrmfire potion, which in addition to acting like super antifire, also provides protection against wyvernbreath (both for six minutes).
Brightfire potion (6).png Brightfire potion Mixing a four-dose prayer renewal with a super antifire in a crystal flask makes a six-dose brightfire potion, which provides the passive prayer point restoration of the renewal in addition to the super antifire effect (both for 6 minutes).
Searing overload potion (6).png Searing overload potion Mixing a four-dose overload with a super antifire in a crystal flask makes a six-dose searing overload, which provides the combat stat buffs of the overload in addition to the super antifire effect (both for 6 minutes). This effectively gives 2 extra doses of overload at the cost of 4 doses of super antifire and a crystal flask, which is usually a saving (currently saves 46,422)
Overload salve (6).png Overload salve Mixing a four-dose overload with a super antifire, an antifire, a prayer renewal, a prayer potion, and a super antipoison in a crystal flask makes a six-dose overload salve, which provides the combat stat buffs of the overload, the instant and gradual prayer restoration of a super prayer renewal, and poison immunity, in addition to the wyrmfire potion effect (all for six minutes).
Supreme overload salve (6).png Supreme overload salve Switching the overload for a six-dose supreme overload in the salve recipe makes a supreme overload salve instead. This provides all the same effects, except the combat stat buffs are increased from the 'extreme' to 'supreme' levels (an increase of 2 at level 99).

Using dragonfire

Players can also use dragonfire in combat, but only under one condition. The dragonfire used by players has the same effect as dragonfire used by dragons. Therefore, it can hit very high against players without proper protection.

Dragon bolt special

One way to use dragonfire is by using enchanted dragon bolts in ranged. These bolts have, like other enchanted bolts, a special attack. This special attack enables the wearer to occasionally hit the opponent with a blast of Dragonfire, dealing 400 to 710 damage. The amount of damage dealt is based on the opponent's Defence level.

Just like regular dragonfire, this methods will not cause damage if the opponent is a fire monster or a dragon. In PvP situations, if the opponent is wearing an anti-dragon shield or under the effects of antifire potions (or both) the damage is reduced significantly.

Magical fire is not considered as dragonfire. The protection needed for dragonfire doesn't provide protection against fire spells.

After While Guthix Sleeps, players need dragonfire to combine the two parts of the dragonkin key. This can be done by using both parts of the key on a mithril dragon.

Players are able to discharge a blast of dragonfire with the dragonfire shield, ward, or deflector by right clicking the shield.

The Dragon Breath ability is one of the more potent basic magic abilities. However, this is just a name for the attack; the ability does not have any of the definitive properties of actual dragonfire.


  • The message when you are partially protected from dragonfire is different depending on what kind of protection you have. For example: If you are using an anti-fire shield, it will say "the shield protects you from the heat". If you are using just an antifire potion, it will say "the anti-fire potion protects you from the fiery substance". This implies that dragonfire is made up of several different factors, such as heat, substance and even magic.