Dragonkin Laboratory Reward Shop
Dragonkin Laboratory Reward Shop
Release date 13 August 2018 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon None
Location Wilderness
Owner Bryll Thoksdottir
Specialty Rewards for Dungeoneering
Bryll Thoksdottir (Wilderness) location

The Dragonkin Laboratory Reward Shop is a shop run by Bryll Thoksdottir that sells consumables related to Dragonkin Lair and Menaphos. It's located near the entrance to the Dragonkin Laboratory.

It only accepts Dungeoneering tokens as currency.



Unlock Cost Description
Dragonkin Laboratory teleport Dungeoneering token 1,000 Provides a direct teleport to the Dragonkin Laboratory
Lucky charm (dragonkin laboratory) Dungeoneering token 10,000 Carrying these in the Dragonkin Laboratory gives a chance to receive rare items when killing enemies. One is consumed whenever you receive a rare item.
Vital spark drop enhancer Dungeoneering token 1,000 Carrying these will double the amount of Vital spark received from killing enemies. One is consumed for each extra vital spark.
Shifting tombs reward enhancer Dungeoneering token 1,000 Carrying these in Shifting Tombs increases the rewards given upon completing a tomb. One is consumed upon entering a tomb.
Magma golem pet[a 1] Dungeoneering token 250,000 Unlock the magma golem pet override.
  1. ^ Only purchasable after completion of the Chill Out, Bro! achievement.
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