Dragonkin research note is a page of the Dragonkin research which can be found in the Dragonkin Laboratory in either normal or story mode. The research consists of 22 pages scattered throughout the dungeon; Telekinetic Grab is required in order to obtain one of the pages found near the lava strykewyrms.

Once a page has been found, it can be inspected which will then add it to the book. If it is not in the player's inventory upon obtaining a page, that page is converted to Dragonkin Research upon inspection, making it possible to own multiple of them.

Inspecting a page always prompts the message: You add the page directly to the book. Judging by the gaps, you need X more to finish the book.


Tactless Analysis (RuneScore 20) - Collect all 22 pages of dragonkin research in the Dragonkin Laboratory. (X/22)


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