Not to be confused with Gemstone armour.
Dragonstone armour equipped

Dragonstone armour is a set of level 50 hybrid armour released on 11 June 2013. Pieces of this set can be obtained as a reward from either Triskelion Treasures (unlocked using the Crystal triskelion) or as a very rare reward from the crystal chest. While Triskelion Treasures is for members only, the components of this set can be traded to and worn by free players as well. The armour consists of 5 pieces.

Components and bonuses

Hybrid Item
AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Dragonstone helmDragonstone helm10700---7,341,200
Dragonstone hauberkDragonstone hauberk12300---12,743,872
Dragonstone gauntletsDragonstone gauntlets2600---5,932,094
Dragonstone greavesDragonstone greaves11700---6,133,880
Dragonstone bootsDragonstone boots2600---4,250,417


Dragonstone armour concept

Concept art

  • A server-wide message is sent out when someone finds a piece of this armour.
  • Similar to Third-age armour, dragonstone armour is typically worn for cosmetic appearance and to show off wealth, rather than to use in combat, as there are other armour sets with similar stats that are much cheaper.
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