Dragontooth Shipwreck

The ship.

The Dragontooth shipwreck is accessed during the quest Rocking Out. The diving apparatus is required in order to reach it, as the shipwreck is located underwater. This area is inaccessible after the quest has been completed.


Players will require several items to travel to Dragontooth Island:

To dive into the Dragontooth shipwreck, players will require:

Getting there

Dragontooth Shipwreck chain location

The location of the chain.

  • At Port Phasmatys, talk to the ghost with a small boat, at the docks. The ghost will take the player to the Dragontooth Island.
  • At the island, travel northeast and locate a chain. This chain can be used to dive underwater to the shipwreck.
  • Players should wear the diving apparatus, and dive down using the chain.


There are several different creatures that dwell underwater here:

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