Dramen tree
Dramen Tree
Release date 27 February 2002 (Update)
Members Yes
Logs Dramen branch
Cannot be grown
Examine An ancient magical tree.

The dramen tree is a great tree which is heavily featured in the Lost City quest. It is located in the Entrana Dungeon, a location where a player cannot bring any weapons or armour.

When a player first tries to cut the tree down, a level 63 Dramen Tree Spirit appears and attacks the player. However, if a player's Woodcutting level is lower than 36, they cannot even attempt to chop down the tree, potentially saving the player if they are unprepared to fight a level 63 monster. It must be killed before a player can cut Dramen branches from the tree. Once the tree spirit has been killed, as many branches may be cut as necessary.

A hatchet is required to cut the tree, which can include a hatchet on the tool belt, or one can be received as a drop from the Zombies in the same dungeon. If a player has level 31 crafting, he or she may use a knife with Dramen branches to create a Dramen staff. The staff is required to enter the lost city of Zanaris, which can be accessed by entering the members only shed in Lumbridge swamp.

The Dramen Tree is also used in the Freeing Sir Amik Varze subquest of Recipe for disaster, the player must get one of its branches and use a pestle and mortar on it to make cinnamon.


  • The tree gives off an eerie screech when you approach the room it is in. This is perhaps the magic that is imbued to it.
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