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Draul Leptoc was a non-player character found in his mansion in Varrock. He is the father of Juliet. He was slightly involved in Romeo & Juliet and Defender of Varrock until his removal. He has a minor role in the novel Return to Canifis. Despite his physical removal from the game, he still exists as a background character, but is not actually mentioned outside of the novel.

Romeo & Juliet

Throughout the quest of Romeo & Juliet, speaking to him resulted some aggressive responses. Also, if the player was carrying a cadava potion with them, he demanded to know what is they were holding. The player would then make an excuse saying that he/she is sick, and that taking it can put them to sleep. Being the aggressive man he is, he told the player that they have to pay rent if they are caught sleeping in his house.

When he finds Juliet lying on the floor, motionless, he presumed she was dead, and laments that he should not have been too hard on her. After the quest, he realised he was deceived by the player.

Wyrd attacks

During the Wyrd attacks of 164, he granted the use of his mansion and the large burial chamber beneath it to storing the victims of the attacks. The Society of Owls, a secret organisation dedicated to fighting threats from Morytania, used the chamber to prevent the spread of the infectious disease. Any witnesses to the attacks were kept captive within the mansion itself to prevent panic spreading. He is only mentioned in the novel Return to Canifis and does not make an actual appearance.

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  • His name is an anagram of Lord Capulet, the father of Juliet in the Shakespearian tragedy 'Romeo and Juliet'.
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