This article is about driftwood found on Uncharted Isles. For other uses, see Driftwood (disambiguation).
Driftwood detail

Driftwood is a level 92 Firemaking resource that can be burned for 454 Firemaking experience, and 563.1–563.9 Firemaking experience at a bonfire. They can be sold to The Junk of One Cyclops on Cyclosis for 5 chimes each, or to Bamboo Market 101 on Waiko for one chime each.

Five driftwood are required for the Flag Fall miniquest and ten for Jed Hunter.


  • The examine text of a fire lit from driftwood originally identified it as a willow log fire. This was changed with the update on 1 August 2016. Afterwards, it is identified as a log fire.
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