Drop enhancers are items that automatically alter items obtained by the player. Some can be configured to affect only specific items or categories of items; others affect all relevant items. Some are based on charges, where they can perform a specific number of actions before needing to be recharged or replaced; others are permanent.

Drop enhancers will never activate in LootShare.

Herb gloves

Irit gloves detail

These are rewards bought from the Fist of Guthix shop or using Thaler, except for lantadyme, dwarf weed and torstol gloves. If a monster drops a herb while wearing these, you have a 50% chance of getting the respective herb as a drop. They require various Herblore levels to use. They crumble to dust after 100 drops.


Main article: Macaw

The Macaw is a level 41 Summoning familiar. It is summoned by using a Macaw pouch. It can improve herb drops, especially useful when killing Chaos druids, Cave crawlers, Flesh Crawlers, Mighty banshees and Aberrant spectres. Noted herbs are no longer noted.

Most Wanted cards

These are a possible reward from Rush of Blood D&D and can only be obtained by players who have access to Prifddinas, they increase the drop rate of unique items for their monsters. They disintegrate after 100 kills or whenever a rare drop is obtained from these monsters.

Slayer monster masks

Mask of the Abyss detail

This is headwear obtained from Treasure Hunter and are all very rare. They all affect just 1 monster, but rather than making certain items more common, they double the drops every 10 kills until their helm form is unlocked. It is possible to reset them by using a spirit of battle.

Champion scroll enhancer

Champion scroll enhancer detail

The champion scroll enhancer is a possible reward from the Motherlode Maw. While in the inventory, if killing a monster who can drop a champion's scroll, it increases the chance of receiving the scroll by 20%. It has 250 charges.

Revenant drop enhancer

Revenant drop enhancer

The Revenant drop enhancer is a reward from Deathmatch for 1,800 Deathmatch points. While it is in your inventory, it will increase the chance to receive Ancient Warriors' equipment or ancient artefacts from Revenants. It has 1000 charges.

Elite Dungeons

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