This article is about Guthixian druids. For attackable druids that previously existed, see Druid (historical).
For Zamorakian druids, see Chaos druids.

Script error Druids are pacifist followers of Guthix. They are a peaceful organisation with a love of nature, Herblore, and potion-making and other such alchemical professions. Their brown robes show they are druids. Druids have sickles and herb pouches hanging on their robes. Since the assassination of Guthix, current members of the order of druids led by Kaqemeex, based in Taverley, choose to honour, but not to worship, Guthix, and to spread his word and teaching of balance, harmony, and freedom from the gods in his absence. Although they are aware of Sliske's murder of Guthix, those who remain committed to the order have taken a vow not to seek revenge for Guthix's death. Some former druids who disagreed with this principle, such as Biehn, left the druidic order, with Kaqemeex's blessing.

The druids own a stone circle for worship of Guthix in their village of Taverley, and they once had one south of Varrock but it was overrun by dark wizards wishing to summon Delrith, who have long-since defiled it. It is unknown who founded the druids, but they have been around for a long time, and their magics studied are different to the rune magics of wizards and mages found elsewhere. As Guthix was the one who shaped Gielinor, Druids may have been around since the start of the First age.


Their houses contain many natural things.

Notable druids


  • On 15 January 2008, all druids received a graphical update coinciding with the release of Summoning and the quest Wolf Whistle, which can be started in Taverley.
  • On 31 January 2012, druids received a second graphical update coinciding with release of the Troll Warzone tutorial, which also made them unattackable.
  • The Hallowed/Unhallowed robe rewards from the 2012 Hallowe'en event were designed around the robes the Druids wear.
  • They appear to be wearing a silver sickle on their body or in their hands.
  • Many of them have punning names ending in x, which could be a reference to the popular Asterix comics. Those comics featured a druid healer named Getafix.

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