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Two players duelling

For the enchanted ring, see Ring of duelling.
Not to be confused with Duel Arena.

Duelling is a feature re-released on 1 June 2016, allowing players to fight each other almost anywhere in RuneScape. No experience is earned from killing another player, nor are any items dropped upon death.

When the duel starts, both players are healed to full health, adrenaline is drained to zero, and any existing buffs or debuffs are removed. After the duel ends, both players' life points are returned to what they were before the duel started, and buffs or debuffs received during the duel are removed.


Players may challenge each other to a duel via a right-click option. Duel requests can be accepted by sending another request to the challenger or by clicking the request. The option to duel can be turned off through game settings or the trade filter.

The duel cannot be initiated if:

  • The option to duel is turned off
  • The player is busy (e.g. has certain interfaces open)
  • The player is in combat
  • The player is already in a duel
  • The player is in a PvP area
  • A disallowed action is performed

The duel ends if:

  • Either player reaches 0 life points
  • A monster that is neither player's familiar is attacked or attacks one of the players
  • Either player moves into a PvP area
  • The space between players is more than 32 tiles
  • A disallowed action is performed

Disallowed actions

The disallowed actions in duelling are:


  • In the very early days of RuneScape duelling was commonly used to get free teleports to Lumbridge by losing. Duelling outside PvP areas was unavailable for a long time before being re-enabled in 2016. This newer variant does not cause respawning in a different location.
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