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Duellist's cap (tier 1) chathead

The Duellist's cap is a hat that keeps track of the amount of kills that the wearer has achieved in the Duel Arena. It has more detail for each milestone reached. As with the Wildstalker helmet, this cap will give the owner the ability to transform into a statue, which shows various PvP statistics of the owner, such as kills, deaths, and current kills in a row. It will also give access to the emote by selecting Brag when the hat is worn.

The hat can turn a player into a statue with any hat other than the tier one. This hat is obtainable by speaking to Estocada, the man brandishing a fine sword at the gates of the Duel Arena. The kills are tracked in both F2P and P2P worlds.

The cap can (but doesn't have to) change look after a certain number of wins. Once you can, right click the cap and click "change-look".

Duellist's cap (tier 1) statue

Transformed into a statue

Duellist's cap Duel Arena wins Emote
Duellist's cap (tier 1) Tier 1 0-9 None
Duellist's cap (tier 2) Tier 2 10-99 Hat off
Duellist's cap (tier 3) Tier 3 100-499 Skulls
Duellist's cap (tier 4) Tier 4 500-1999 Skulls
Duellist's cap (tier 5) Tier 5 2000-4999 Skulls
Duellist's cap (tier 6) Tier 6 5000+ Grim Reaper
Dhats duellist

Duellist's cap concept art


  • If you try to transform into a statue while under attack it will yield a message "It would be unwise to lower your defences." This is a reference to a Darth Vader quote from the Star Wars series.
  • When transformed, the wearer does not truly turn into a statue; the statue is spawned and placed over the player, temporarily hiding them.
  • If the hat is lost, when replacing it Estocada will say "I don't often replace hats, but when I do, I choose to replace duellists' caps." This is a reference to the Dos Equis beer commercials.
  • The Duellist's cap records up to 250 kills in the kill streak. After this, it will not record further kills unless reset or the kill streak has ended.
Duellist's cap transform

A player transforming into a statue.