The Dungeon Pit is a room that can be built in a player-owned house at level 70 Construction and costs 10,000 coins to build. The ability to build a Dungeon Pit is a reward from the quest Love Story.


There are 7 hotspots:

  • (4x) Pit trap
  • Pit guard
  • Decoration
  • Lighting

Pit trap

Item Image Level Materials Experience Cost Effect
Minor pit trap Teleport trap(dungeon) 71 45,000 coins, 500 fire runes 304 117,000 Inflicts up to 80 damage, only hits once.
Major pit trap Teleport trap(dungeon) 83 125,000 coins, 2,500 fire runes 1000 485,000 Inflicts around 100-120 damage, hits twice on occasion.
Superior pit trap Teleport trap(dungeon) 96 850,000 coins, 4,500 fire runes 1100 1,498,000 Inflicts up to 180 damage, hits twice on occasion. (For a total of 360 damage)

Pit guard

The guards will only attack players in PvP mode or Challenge mode. Otherwise, they will only be examinable. Pit rooms cannot be exited unless the guardian is dead or challenge mode is off, however this will not affect the house owner. Pit guardians do not give any experience and do not count towards a Slayer task. A crystal saw may not be used to boost your level to buy the pit guards, though a Sculpting chisel and visible boosts will work.

Item Image Level Combat level Life Points Max hit Materials Experience
Pit dog Pit dog(dungeon) 70 140 3500 280 40,000 Coins 200
Pit ogre Pit ogre(dungeon) 73 146 3650 292 55,000 Coins 234
Pit rock protector Pit rock protector(dungeon) 79 110 3950 316 90,000 Coins 300
Pit scabarite Pit scabarite(dungeon) 84 168 4200 336 150,000 Coins 387
Pit black demon Pit black demon(dungeon) 89 124 4450 356 300,000 Coins 547
Pit iron dragon Pit iron dragon(dungeon) 97 112 4850 388 (melee) 7,500,000 Coins 2738


Item Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Decorative blood Decorative blood 72 4 bottles of Red dye 4 17,984
Decorative pipe Decorative pipe 83 6 Steel bars 120 5,766
Hanging skeleton Hanging skeleton 94 2 Skulls, 6 Bones 3 1,764


Item Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Candle Candles(oubliette) 72 4 Oak planks, 4 lit candles 243 9,648
Torch Torches(oubliette) 84 4 Oak planks, 4 lit torches 244 2,296
Skull Torch Skull torches 94 4 Oak planks, 4 lit torches, 4 skulls 246 2,296


  • When built, the dungeon automatically comes with four Oak doors. The player does not directly build these, and the player also cannot remove them, which means the player cannot build Steel-plated doors or Marble doors in their place. When in construction mode, the doors are ghosted out, which makes them appear like buildable hotspots even though they are not.
    • The same occurs in regular mode, but only if there is no pit monster placed in the room.
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