Attack is used to wield all melee weapons but mauls (which require Strength in Daemonheim). Attack also determines how accurate you will be with these weapons, just like outside of Daemonheim. Melee potions increase attack in the dungeons. 68 Attack is one of requirements to wield the hailstorm dagger. 36 Attack is one of requirements to wield the frostbite dagger. Off-hand equivalents require the same Attack level as their respective mainhand counterparts.

Tier Metal Attack level required Dagger Spear Rapier Long
2h sword Battleaxe War
Hatchet Pickaxe
1 Novite 1 Novite dagger Novite spear Novite rapier Novite longsword Novite 2h sword Novite battleaxe Novite warhammer Novite hatchet Novite pickaxe
2 Bathus 10 Bathus dagger Bathus spear Bathus rapier Bathus longsword Bathus 2h sword Bathus battleaxe Bathus warhammer Bathus hatchet Bathus pickaxe
3 Marmaros 20 Marmaros dagger Marmaros spear Marmaros rapier Marmaros longsword Marmaros 2h sword Marmaros battleaxe Marmaros warhammer Marmaros hatchet Marmaros pickaxe
4 Kratonite 30 Kratonite dagger Kratonite spear Kratonite rapier Kratonite longsword Kratonite 2h sword Kratonite battleaxe Kratonite warhammer Kratonite hatchet Kratonite pickaxe
5 Fractite 40 Fractite dagger Fractite spear Fractite rapier Fractite longsword Fractite 2h sword Fractite battleaxe Fractite warhammer Fractite hatchet Fractite pickaxe
6 Zephyrium 50 Zephyrium dagger Zephyrium spear Zephyrium rapier Zephyrium longsword Zephyrium 2h sword Zephyrium battleaxe Zephyrium warhammer Zephyrium hatchet Zephyrium pickaxe
7 Argonite 60 Argonite dagger Argonite spear Argonite rapier Argonite longsword Argonite 2h sword Argonite battleaxe Argonite warhammer Argonite hatchet Argonite pickaxe
8 Katagon 70 Katagon dagger Katagon spear Katagon rapier Katagon longsword Katagon 2h sword Katagon battleaxe Katagon warhammer Katagon hatchet Katagon pickaxe
9 Gorgonite 80 Gorgonite dagger Gorgonite spear Gorgonite rapier Gorgonite longsword Gorgonite 2h sword Gorgonite battleaxe Gorgonite warhammer Gorgonite hatchet Gorgonite pickaxe
10 Promethium 90 Promethium dagger Promethium spear Promethium rapier Promethium longsword Promethium 2h sword Promethium battleaxe Promethium warhammer Promethium hatchet Promethium pickaxe
11 Primal 99 Primal dagger Primal spear Primal rapier Primal longsword Primal 2h sword Primal battleaxe Primal warhammer Primal hatchet Primal pickaxe
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