Spinning wheel (Daemonheim)

A spinning wheel found within Daemonheim.

Crafting is used for ranged and magic armour from animal hide and plant-made cloth, respectively. The skill is also used to solve puzzles and open doors.

Slot Hides/Cloth Required
Head 2
Body 5
Legs 3
Boot 1
Glove 1
Shield 3
Orb (magic only) 1

Opening Doors

In addition to broken pulley doors, crafting is used in five puzzles to carve stone blocks and spin meatcorn rope.

Ranged Armour

Hides for ranged armour can acquired from hunting mastices, or bought from the smuggler. The creatures can also be killed, but this results in significantly fewer hides. The hides do not need to be tanned. Players can then use the hides, along with a needle and thread (obtained from the smuggler) to craft a piece of armour.

Magic Armour

Magic armour is made by sewing plant-based cloths. The raw plants can be dropped by monsters, harvested with sufficient farming level, or bought from the smuggler. Once used with a spinning wheel to create cloth, a needle and thread are required to craft the armour.


The gatherer and artisan upgrades to the ring of kinship can prove useful to crafters to gather more raw materials, and save these materials, respectively.

Temporary Boosts

Artisan potions can be used to provide a temporary boost to a player's crafting level.

Potion Image Level Herb Second Ingredient Boost
Weak artisan potion Weak artisan's potion 27 Herblore Grimy valerian Valerian Red moss Red moss 3 + 2% of Crafting level
Artisan potion Artisan's potion 60 Herblore Clean magebane Magebane Red moss Red moss 4 + 4% of Crafting level
Strong artisan potion Strong artisan's potion 93 Herblore Grimy lycopus Lycopus Red moss Red moss 6 + 6% of Crafting level
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