Defence is used to wear all armour (melee, ranged, and mage) in Daemonheim. Defence also determines how often you will be hit by your opponents, just like outside of Daemonheim. Defence level can be increased in the dungeons by Defence potions. 33 Defence is one of requirements to wield the Flameburst defender. Currently no skill doors and puzzle rooms have Defence as requirement.

Tier Armour Level
Melee Ranged Magic
1 Novite platebody Novite Protoleather body Protoleather Salve robe top Salve equipment 1
2 Bathus platebody Bathus Subleather body Subleather Wildercress robe top Wildercress equipment 10
3 Marmaros platebody Marmaros Paraleather body Paraleather Blightleaf robe top Blightleaf equipment 20
4 Kratonite platebody Kratonite Archleather body Archleather Roseblood robe top Roseblood equipment 30
5 Fractite platebody Fractite Dromoleather body Dromoleather Bryll robe top Bryll equipment 40
6 Zephyrium platebody Zephyrium Spinoleather body Spinoleather

Duskweed robe top Duskweed equipment

7 Argonite platebody Argonite Gallileather body Gallileather Soulbell robe top Soulbell equipment 60
8 Katagon platebody Katagon Stegoleather body Stegoleather Ectorobe top Ecto equipment 70
9 Gorgonite platebody Gorgonite Megaleather body Megaleather Runic robe top Runic equipment 80
10 Promethium platebody Promethium Tyrannoleather body Tyrannoleather Spiritbloom robe top Spiritbloom equipment 90
11 Primal platebody Primal Sagittarian body Sagittarian Celestial robe top Celestial equipment 99