Energy Rift (Dungeoneering)

An energy rift for Divination in the starting room of a dungeon

Divination in Daemonheim allows players to create portents, as well as open divination doors. Like other resources, wisps will spawn randomly throughout the dungeon for players to gather divine energy. When you find a room that contains wisps, only one type of wisp will be in that room, so you will need to search the dungeon for the wisp that you want. Like other dungeoneering resources, memories of the same tier will stack in the player's inventory. Harvested memories and energy cannot be traded or transferred in a dungeon, so if you cannot make a portent of that wisp tier the resource will be wasted.

Opening Doors

Divination door

A door requiring divination to be opened.

Some doors will be blocked by divine energy. In order to open the door, a player will have to drain away the energy. 



A portent of restoration automatically heals a number of life points after the player carrying the portent drops below 50% life points. They do not stack.

Restoration portentDivinationConstitutionEnergy amountSecondaryExperienceHeals
Portent of restoration I (Dungeoneering) Portent of restoration I 2830 pale energy1 Heim crab10200
Portent of restoration II (Dungeoneering)Portent of restoration II151530 flickering energy1 Red-eye20200
Portent of restoration III (Dungeoneering)Portent of restoration III252030 bright energy1 Dusk eel30400
Portent of restoration IV (Dungeoneering)Portent of restoration IV353030 glowing energy1 Giant flatfish40600
Portent of restoration V (Dungeoneering)Portent of restoration V454035 sparkling energy1 Short-finned eel50800
Portent of restoration VI (Dungeoneering)Portent of restoration VI555040 gleaming energy1 Web snipper601000
Portent of restoration VII (Dungeoneering)Portent of restoration VII656045 vibrant energy1 Bouldabass701200
Portent of restoration VIII (Dungeoneering)Portent of restoration VIII757050 lustrous energy1 Salve eel801400
Portent of restoration IX (Dungeoneering)Portent of restoration IX868050 brilliant energy1 Blue crab901600
Portent of restoration X (Dungeoneering)Portent of restoration X979060 radiant energy1 Cave moray1001800


Portents of passage allow you to pass through dungeoneering skill doors that you normally cannot get through up to a certain number of skill levels above the door requirement. The number of levels a particular portent bypasses can be worked out by doubling the tier of the portent (for example a tier 3 portent provides an effective increase of 6 levels).

These portents can only be created within Daemonheim.

Portent of passage Divination Ingredient XP Max Levels Bypassed
Portent of passage I Portent of passage I 2 30 Pale energy 10 2
Portent of passage II Portent of passage II 15 30 Flickering energy 20 4
Portent of passage III Portent of passage III 25 30 Bright energy 30 6
Portent of passage IV Portent of passage IV 35 30 Glowing energy 40 8
Portent of passage V Portent of passage V 45

35 Sparkling energy

50 10
Portent of passage VI Portent of passage VI 55 40 Gleaming energy 60 12
Portent of passage VII Portent of passage VII 65 45 Vibrant energy 70 14
Portent of passage VIII Portent of passage VIII 75 50 Lustrous energy 80 16
Portent of passage IX Portent of passage IX 86 50 Brilliant energy 90 18
Portent of passage X Portent of passage X 97 60 Radiant energy 100 20
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