Firemaking is used in Dungeoneering to burn logs and to open skill doors found throughout the dungeons of Daemonheim.

Opening doors

Firemaking door

A door requiring firemaking to be opened.

Firemaking in Dungeoneering allows players to burn the flammable debris on certain doors that cannot be unlocked with the coloured shapes found throughout the dungeons. The greatest level required to open a door is level 105. All doors in the main path are unlockable by at least one player in the team. Failure to burn the debris on doors will cause the clothes of the player who attempts to burn instead, dealing a large amount of damage. If this damage kills you, you will receive the 'Spontaneous Combustion" award at the end. You can use an Artisan's potion to provide a temporary boost.

Burning branches

Below is a list of the types of wood you can burn while training Dungeoneering. The higher tier the wood the greater the chance of successfully cooking food on it.

Bonfires can also be made using branches (fires don't have a "use" option, but the left-click "craft" option on branches allow players to add them to a nearby fire), but higher level branches have an increased chance of failing, resulting in no logs lost nor damage dealt along with the message: "You burn your hand trying to tend the fire."

Image Wood type Level Xp
Tangle gum branches Tangle gum branches 1 25
Seeping elm branches Seeping elm branches 10 44.5
Blood spindle branches Blood spindle branches 20 65.6
Utuku branches Utuku branches 30 88.3
Spinebeam branches Spinebeam branches 40 112.6
Bovistrangler branches Bovistrangler branches 50 138.5
Thigat branches Thigat branches (m) 60 166
Corpsethorn branches Corpsethorn branches (m) 70 195.1
Entgallow branches Entgallow branches (m) 80 225.8
Grave creeper branches Grave creeper branches (m) 90 258.1

(m) indicates members only

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