Throughout your Dungeoneering travels, you will come across a wide array of music. An easy way to unlock all tracks of one sort (e.g. all Adorno tracks) is to enter a room, then leave the room, then re-enter since a randomly selected track is always played. It is possible to unlock all ten tracks that play in an environment by doing this.

Dungeoneering music is usually upbeat and gives a better sense to the gameplay, so many players consider them the best types of soundtracks.

According to a dungeoneering development blog from Jagex posted on YouTube, there are three types of music tracks: Ambient, Combat, and Boss. These were created as "adaptive, interactive music." Ambient music is "slightly ominous... to give a sense of suspense." Combat tracks "get the blood racing," with ambient tracks playing as the last monster in the room is killed. Boss music is similar to Combat music.


The total number of tracks that can be unlocked in Dungeoneering is 81, which makes it a great skill for those players who are attempting to get the air guitar emote.

Daemonheim Castle

Total tracks: 3

Frozen Floors

Total tracks: 16

Abandoned Floors

Total tracks: 14

Deep Abandoned Floors

Total tracks: 2

Furnished Floors

Total tracks: 16

Occult Floors

Total tracks: 16

Warped Floors

Total tracks: 16

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