Ranged is one of three combat types that can be used in the Dungeoneering skill. There are eleven tiers of weapons and armour, from level 1 to 99. Some of the puzzle rooms that a player may encounter require a Ranged level. Oddly enough, Daemonheim is one of the only places where one can use any arrow with any bow, no matter the type/level of the arrow or bow.



Rangers have access to shortbows, shieldbows, and throwing knives. Ranged shields are incorporated into shieldbows, or can be worn with throwing knives.


The mastyxes of Daemonheim can be killed or trapped for their hides, which can then be crafted into various leather armours for rangers. The armours can also be found as monster drops.


There are a number of Dungeoneering rewards specific to rangers. These include:

Temporary boosts

Potion Image Level Herb Second Ingredient Boost
Weak ranged potion Weak ranged potion 5 Herblore Grimy valerian Valerian Void dustVoid dust 4 + 10% of Ranged level
Ranged potion Ranged potion (Dungeoneering) 38 Herblore Clean magebane Magebane Void dustVoid dust 5 + 14% of Ranged level
Strong ranged potion Strong ranged potion 71 Herblore Grimy lycopus Lycopus Void dustVoid dust 6 + 20% of Ranged level
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