Crafting runes (Dungeoneering)

A player crafting a rune on the Runecrafting altar available in Daemonheim.

Runecrafting is used in Dungeoneering to craft runes, solve puzzles (like the magic construct), open skill doors and imbue staves to progress through the level. Crafting runes in Daemonheim provides 2% of the experience gained Runecrafting normally. There are no new runes in Daemonheim. For standard Runecrafting experience values, please see this page.

All players can craft basic runes. Non-members can craft all types of runes except for astral runes, blood runes and soul runes. Members cannot craft soul runes. Normal runecrafting level requirements apply in dungeoneering.

Dungeoneering altar

A Runecrafting altar found in the Dungeons of Daemonheim.

Opening doors

Runecrafting door

A door requiring Runecrafting to open

Runecrafting in Dungeoneering allows players to imbue certain doors with energy that cannot be opened otherwise. These doors are found throughout the dungeons.

Imbue runes

Imbue-runes (Dungeoneering)

Imbue runes interface.

Rune Level XP Cost/xp
Air rune Air 1 0.10 -500
Mind rune Mind 2 0.11 -454.5
Water rune Water 5 0.12 -416.6
Earth rune Earth 9 0.13 -384.6
Fire rune Fire 14 0.14 -357.1
Body rune Body 20 0.15 -333.3
Cosmic rune Cosmic 27 0.16 -312.5
Chaos rune Chaos 35 0.17 -294.1
Astral rune Astral 40 0.174 -287.4
Nature rune Nature 44 0.18 -277.8
Law rune Law 54 0.19 -263.2
Death rune Death 65 0.20 -250
Blood rune Blood 77 0.21 -238.1


Imbue-weapon (Dungeoneering)

Imbue weapons interface.

To obtain a staff or wand, left-click "Craft" on branches. Players can use a higher level material to imbue. For example, it is possible to create a catalytic staff by imbuing a thigat staff. However, this is not recommended, as the magic accuracy on the plain staves of a higher tier are higher and they already provide the same runes. Imbuing is only beneficial if the lowest possible tier of resource is used.

Items cannot be imbued if they are bound or equipped.

Image Name Level Material Runecrafting XP Magic XP Cost/XP (Runecrafting)
Catalytic wand Catalytic wand 50 Spinebeam wand 39.5 39.5 -180.8
Catalytic staff Catalytic staff 50 Spinebeam staff 39.5 39.5 -162.3
Catalytic orb Catalytic orb 50 Bryll orb 39.5 39.5 -18.5
Empowered catalytic wand Empowered catalytic wand (m) 99 Grave creeper wand 106 106 -1,108.5
Empowered catalytic staff Empowered catalytic staff (m) 99 Grave creeper staff 106 106 -1,108.5
Empowered catalytic orb Empowered catalytic orb (m) 99 Spiritbloom orb 106 106 -15.4


  • Since the Evolution of Combat update, free-to-play players crafting death runes in Daemonheim is pointless because the only free-to-play spell that requires death runes is Teleport Block and that is unavailable during Dungeoneering. Chaos runes are also much less valuable in dungeons because the only available spell is Curse which is not a commonly used spell. Also, pay-to-play players no longer have a reason to craft blood runes since none of the spells used in Daemonheim use them anymore.
    • Additionally, a player does not have to craft any elemental runes if they are using a wand as the wand provides unlimited elemental runes to the player.
  • Imbuing staves only has a Runecrafting requirement, but gives equal amount of both Magic and Runecrafting experience.
  • It would take approximately 130,344,300 air runes to reach from level 1 to 99 Runecrafting.
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