Woodcutting in Daemonheim is accessible to Free-to-play and Pay-to-play. It can be used to open skill doors and cut trees grown in the dungeons.

To cut trees, you must be raiding a dungeon with complexity level 2+.

Opening Doors

Woodcutting door

A door requiring woodcutting to be opened.

Woodcutting in Dungeoneering allows players to clear down barricades on certain doors, that cannot be unlocked with the coloured shapes found throughout the dungeons. The greatest level required to open a door is level 105. All doors in the main path are unlockable by at least one player in the team. Failure to clear barricades on doors will cause sharp debris from door to drop and deal large damage to the player making the attempt.


As with above-ground RuneScape, you may use a hatchet if you have the Woodcutting level to do so. Hatchets may be purchased from the smuggler, smithed at an anvil, or dropped by monsters.

Hatchet Image Level Where Found
Novite Novite hatchet 1 Woodcutting Smithed/Bought/Monster drop
Bathus Bathus hatchet 10 Woodcutting Smithed/Bought/Monster drop
Marmaros Marmaros hatchet 20 Woodcutting Smithed/Bought/Monster drop
Kratonite Kratonite hatchet 30 Woodcutting Smithed/Monster drop
Fractite Fractite hatchet 40 Woodcutting Smithed/Monster drop
Zephyrium Zephyrium hatchet 50 Woodcutting Smithed/Monster drop
Argonite (m) Argonite hatchet 60 Woodcutting Smithed/Monster drop
Katagon (m) Katagon hatchet 70 Woodcutting Smithed/Monster drop
Gorgonite (m) Gorgonite hatchet 80 Woodcutting Smithed/Monster drop
Promethium (m) Promethium hatchet 90 Woodcutting Smithed/Monster drop
Primal (m) Primal hatchet 99 Woodcutting Boss drop

(m) indicates members only.


The trees of Daemonheim have long since been cleared, but the odd root or sprouting will push through the brick walls. This is your opportunity to hack them down using your hatchet. The resulting branches can then be used to light fires, make weapons or traps or can even be used in summoning pouches. Tier 5 and lower logs can be collected by defeating monsters or buying them, and tier 6+ logs must either be cut down or bought.

Vegetation Members
Image Level Experience Branch
Monster drop? Cost
Tangle gum tree (branches) No Tangle Gum Tree 1 Woodcutting 35 Tangle gum branches Yes 225 coins
Seeping elm tree (branches) No Seeping elm tree 10 Woodcutting 60 Seeping elm branches Yes 600 coins
Blood spindle tree (branches) No Blood spindle tree 20 Woodcutting 85 Blood spindle branches Yes 1650 coins
Utuku tree (branches) No Utuku Tree 30 Woodcutting 115 Utuku branches Yes 3750 coins
Spinebeam tree (branches) No SpinebeamTreeHD 40 Woodcutting 145 Spinebeam branches Yes 7875 coins
Bovistrangler tree (branches) No Bovistrangler tree 50 Woodcutting 175 Bovistrangler branches No 12500 coins
Thigat tree (branches) Yes Thigat tree 60 Woodcutting 210 Thigat branches No 22500 coins
Corpsethorn tree (branches) Yes Corpsethorn tree 70 Woodcutting 245 Corpsethorn branches No 35000 coins
Entgallow tree (branches) Yes Entgallow tree 80 Woodcutting 285 Entgallow branches No 60000 coins
Grave creeper tree (branches) Yes Grave creeper tree 90 Woodcutting 330 Grave creeper branches No 117500 coins
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